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MATLAB has an important advantage that it has an editor and debugger.MATLAB has all operations and functions which are in calculator.Matlab Projects for Engineering students helps to handle image processing problems.Histogram is one of the image processing technique.Matlab can perform all the mathematical operation and one of the important thing is that matlab is matrix-based since the operator  ‘*’ represents matrix-multiplication MATLAB has five  flow control statements.

  • Switch statements.
  • For loop.
  • If statements.
  • While loops.
  • Break statements.

The frequency of occurrence of all gray levels in the image is the histogram of a discrete gray-level image.histogram based techniques are being updated from the journal IEEE by our concern every year to support the academic students.histogram techniques are more simple and highly benefited for image processing.By using the matlab function bio morph we can get the binary skeletons of a image with the operation set to “skel” and parameter ‘N’.’N’ denotes the number of operations to be repeated,if ‘N’ is set to infinity the operation will be repeatedly executed  till there is no change in the image.


Genetic Algorithm:

Most fields of intelligent design GA plays a vital role as it pocess influential ability and more adaptation.The principle of natural selection and natural genetics is applied in GA.One  can find a answer for optimal scheduling which is a non-linear problem as GA could frame a better solution.The evolution “survival of the fittest” that is stated in Darvin’s theory finds a solution space by the usage of simulated evolution strategy for GA.

Intelligent image processing along with parallel and distributed system gives the solution for the below

  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Parallel computing.
  • Network based computing.

MATLAB projects for engineering students in above techniques are supported by our concern.

Image Processing:

Image takes part an active role under image processing where color images are obtained by combaining the separate images.


The RGB color system,a color image contains three separate monochrome images Red(R),Green(G) and blue (B).

There are two types of parallel processing in image processing they are

  • Explicit.
  • Implicit.


The algorithm has conditions which steps are built and executed at the same time.


The required steps are inserted by the complier to run a program on a parallel computer.

The matlab projects for engineering students using the above techniques are provided by our firm.

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