Fuzzy Logic Projects


Fuzzy Logic Projects

Fuzzy logic allows approximate human reasoning ability to knowledge based system  by an inference morphology. In order to make computers intelligent  the fuzzy logic has to be formally coded . The reative needness of precision describes fuzzy logic.Fuzzy Logic Projects are of two types ,one is  Mamdani inference method and other one is Sugeno inference method.

General concept of fuzzy logic Projects

  • Approximation.
  • Degree.
  • Reflects the way of thinking.

By using computer algorithms in fuzzy logic one can mimic human thinking.

Better assessment of traffic patterns are also provided.



2015 IEEE Fuzzy Logic Projects

  1. Advanced Pitch Angle Control Based on Fuzzy Logic for Variable-Speed Wind Turbine Systems
  2. Employing Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems in the Efforts to Realize Ambient Intelligent Environments [Application Notes]
  3. A Fuzzy Logic Controller for Autonomous Operation of a Voltage Source Converter-Based Distributed Generation System
  4. Fuzzy-Logic-Based Terrain Identification with Multisensor Fusion for Transtibial Amputees
  5. Towards Agrobots: Trajectory Control of an Autonomous Tractor Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controllers
  6. Position Estimation and Smooth Tracking with a Fuzzy Logic-Based Adaptive Strong Tracking Kalman Filter for Capacitive Touch Panels
  7. A Fuzzy Logic Based Retrofit System for Enabling Smart Energy Efficient Electric Cookers
  8. Fuzzy Logic for Adaptive Instruction in an E-learning Environment for Computer Programming
  9. Smart Cloud Storage Service Selection Based on Fuzzy Logic, Theory of Evidence and Game Theory
  10. Intelligent Fashion Recommender System: Fuzzy Logic in Personalized Garment Design
  11. A Local Statistical Fuzzy Active Contour Model for Change Detection
  12. Accurate Bolt Tightening Using Model-Free Fuzzy Control for Wind Turbine Hub Bearing Assembly
  13. An Improved Spiral Dynamic Optimization Algorithm With Engineering Application
  14. Observed-Based Adaptive Fuzzy Tracking Control for Switched Nonlinear Systems With Dead-Zone
  15. Discovering Regions Where Users Drive Inefficiently on Regular Journeys

To get a non fuzzy answer or control action from an inferred fuzzy control action defuzzifier is used.

The uncertainty in engineering is over come in fuzzy logic by joining degrees of certainty to answer logical question

To realize a complex nonlinear input-output relation as a synthesis of two or more input-output relations is the feature of fuzzy system.

Methods used in fuzzy logic Projects:

  • Mamdani inference method
  • Sugeno inference method

One can view the human body diseases by using  the two rules. The process of segmentation and classification use fuzzy logic under the domain of medical imaging, image processing and biomedical engineering.

By using computer algorithms in fuzzy logic one can mimic human thinking. Better assessment of traffic patterns are also provided.

 Uses of fuzzy logic Projects:
  • Control units
  • Expert systems
  • Video cameras
  • Automatic transmission