Genetic Algorithm Projects


The term genetic algorithm is used as search technique to calculate the true or relevant solution and search problems. A computational problem to carry out task effectively in the changing atmosphere.A computing technique for processing evolutionary method is genetic algorithm. GENETIC ALGORITHM PROJECTS provides answer for chromosomes by bit coding and search for good solution candidate in space genotype by using selection, mutation and crossover which are the GA operations.

To produce higher recognition and accurate classification genetic algorithm projects are developed in matlab simulation. Intention of population is an important concept in GA. Population size is a user-specified parameter and is an important factor that affects the performance of genetic algorithms and scalability.Problems in genetic algorithms are nonlinear. Each parameter must be treated as independent variable and can be solved independent from other variables.

2015 IEEE Genetic Algorithm Projects


Motivation of genetic algorithm is an effective theory where biological riles like selective breeding and common descent is used for human benefit.

 Steps Genetic Algorithm Projects:


The types of operator used in neighborhood search and its extensions that are nearing to the concept is mutation operators by adding Gaussian noise mutation of an real number is recognized, the parameters of Gaussian is controlled by ES allowing distribution coverage to global optimum.


To emphasize good solution and cancel the bad solution in population by not altering the population size is the prime objective of selection operators.


Selecting genes from parent chromosomes by creating new offspring is crossover. The two parents are recombined to form new offspring where the chromosomes of two parents are transferred to next generation.

PhD scholars could carry out the genetic algorithm projects as per their requirements. Paper title for genetic algorithm projects are updated from Scopus journals which has high impact factor.

Approaches to encode Genetic algorithm Projects:

Tree Encoding:

The chromosome is represented in tree structure.

Binary Encoding:

Each chromosome is a string of 0 or 1.

Value Encoding:

A chromosome is a sequence of values.

Permutation Encoding:

A chromosome is a string of numbers which represent position in a sequence.

Methods used in  Genetic Algorithm projects
  • Methods of Reproduction.
  • Methods of Representation.
  • Methods of Selection.

Selection methods are,

  • Elitist Selection.
  • Roulette-wheel selection.
  • Scaling selection.
  • Rank selection.
  • Fitness-proportionate selection.