Wireless Projects

Wireless Projects

A unique part of the modern life from global cellular telephone system to local and personal – area networks of wireless communication paves an important task.WIRELESS PROJECTS helps in developing Smart homes ,appliances,Wireless sensor networks.

     Modulation Techniques used in Wireless Projects

  • Cellular concept and Channel allocation.
  • Dynamic channel allocation.
  • Power control.


Types of Mobile wireless systems 

  1. 5g..
  2. 3g.
  3. Wireless LANS.
  4. Personal-area networks.
  5. Access and scheduling techniques in cellular phones.

 Diagrammatic Representation for Printing Pages using Wireless Projects

Sample-Wireless Projects

Sample-Wireless Projects


Some other types of wireless systems .Coding for error detection and correction are the second – generation digital wireless systems.Some of the additional accessed techniques in wireless projects carried out to PG scholars

Advancing Ideas in Wireless Projects ?

  • Smart homes And appliances.
  • Remote tele-medicine.
  • Wireless sensor networks.

Functions of Mobile terminals:

  • To send voice principally.
  • Sending and receiving data.
  • Image uses.


The major  success of the wireless communication is the cellular phones of its worldwide users and its growth have crossed over a billion users and carry’s out still unbeatable worldwide.

 Multiple access techniques used in wireless Projects




Every  individual user is provided  with a unique frequency band or a channel and no other can use the frequency band.


It separates  the ratio spectrum into time.


Each user is provided with a code signature to translate its message signal and all users are allowed.


It controls the radiated energy for separate user.