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The electrical system is considered as the flow of electrons along with the conductors and it transforms it into simple ways along with some energy such as motion, heat, light, etc. The electrical field is denied through the utilization of direct current, altering current, magnetic fields, currents, and voltages, in addition to the energy resources based on electricity. In addition, our research experts have highlighted the research topics in electrical engineering for PhD scholars as per the research areas in detail

Topics in Electrical Engineering

  • Optical communication
  • VLSI in power electronics
  • Embedded system
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Cognitive technology
  • Digital image and signal processing
  • Nano and microtechnology

In addition to the above-mentioned research topics in electrical engineering for PhD, our research experts have enlisted some of the significant notions with in-depth analysis in electrical engineering.

Research Topics in Electrical Engineering for PhD

  • Reactive power compensation during the convergence of grid system with distributed generation
  • Improvement of smart grid stability at times of network attacks using Artificial Intelligence
  • Damping of oscillation in rotors of machines using VAR compensators
  • Efficient synchronization of frequency and stability of two different gird systems with contrasting sources of power supply
  • Improvement of THD ratio in three-phase cascaded multilevel power converters from one PV source
  • A hybrid FACTS device that solves the issues in the SVC and STATCOM for efficient reactive power compensation
  • Improvement in the efficiency of stepping down the power supply of UHVDC near the residential areas.
  • Efficient power distribution through ultra-high voltage DC (UHVDC) supply and its comparison to current AC power distribution standards
  • Comparison of power outputs and efficiency of three-phase converters and inverters for wind turbines
  • Comparison of different types of phase converters concerning the efficiency
  • Comparison of the efficiency of various three-phase grid-connected converters under different grid faults
  • Effective optimization of power supply in microgrids for reduced dependency on the connected main grid
  • Efficient and fast wireless power transfer between charging stations and electric vehicles for saving time
  • Machine learning based Energy management system for better optimization of power in electric vehicles
  • Improvement of power quality in the distribution line due to the distributed generation of renewable energy

Our research professionals have enlisted the applications that are functional in the implementation of research projects based on the electrical engineering research field.

Research Areas in Electrical Engineering

  • Intelligent systems
  • Micro and Nanofabrication
  • Electronic devices and materials
  • Image and signal processing
  • Electronic circuit and system
  • Design and testing
  • Wireless communications
  • Power and energy systems
  • Control systems
  • Digital signal processing
  • Fault analysis in high voltage transmission lines
  • Power line communication security
  • Energy trading and distribution
  • Hybrid renewable energy system
  • Types of grids
    • Multi micro
    • Smart
    • Micro
  • Electrical drives and machines connected to the computer
  • Secure power transmission and distribution system
  • Optimization of reactive power
  • Power quality improvement
  • Power system analysis

Subsequently, we discuss some of the substantial algorithms that are used in the electrical engineering system. By the by, the algorithms are mainly functional to implement the research project in the electrical engineering system.

Recent Research Topics in Electrical Engineering for PhD

Algorithms in Electrical Engineering

  • MPPT P and O algorithm
    • Maximum power point tracker is abbreviated as MPPT and it is a microcontroller-based battery charge controller. It is created to harvest the maximum power which is existing in the PV system through the temperature and insolation conditions. Perturb and observe is denoted as the P and O technique with appropriate results. In addition, it is used to design the MPPT charge controller through the DC and BC buck microcontroller and converter
  • Particle swarm optimization
    • This optimization is deployed for the optimal operation of power systems and it is to find the optimal settings of given power system network and that optimize the objective functions with the power flow equations, equipment operating limits and the system security
  • Berlekamp massey algorithm
      • It is the modified recursive version of the BM algorithm and is functional in tasks based on signal modeling. Through the introduction of the absolute error bound the user can solve the approximation of the problem
  • Fourier series interpolation algorithm
    • It is deployed in the interpolation process for voltage signal and the fast Fourier transform is utilized to obtain the Fourier spectrum of the periodic signal to avoid the severe distortions that are introduced through the sampling process
  • Genetic algorithm
    • It is utilized in voltage limit with the multi-objective power flow issues on the other hand the objectives have occurred in the pair of numbers with the voltage loss

In the following, we explained the list of accessible and recent research topics in electrical engineering for PhD Scholars. The technologies based on electrical engineering are classified into various types and functions in real-time and they are enlisted for your reference.

Current Trends in Electrical Engineering

  • Power-aware smart vehicle
  • Fault diagnosis in smart grid
  • Circuits design in modeling
  • Power quality in grounding optimization
  • Distributed within the renewable energy system
  • Analog in digital info processing
  • Power drive system
  • Electronic machines
  • Intelligent control system
  • Automated high voltage system
  • Computation intelligence
  • Wireless wearable tech
    • Proxxi bracelets are beneficial for the electrical engineers with the sensor and it vibrates to get closer for the high voltage electricity. Sole power is considered as the enhanced boots which are designed along with the GPS, cloud connectivity, lighting, temperature sensing, and more for the provision of warning during the occurrence of falls, overheating and proximity to danger
  • Wireless power transfer
    • The wireless charging process for earphones, smartphones, laptops, and other smart devices. This process is denoted as the standard one for electric cars. In place of the large charging docks, drivers can park the charging spot and they don’t want to plug in
  • Smart grids
    • The valuable data are collected to enable both the consumers and suppliers with a high degree of control through the multi-power sources. End to end communication is permitted among the power plants, distribution sites, smart grids and the end electrical point of user presence

The above mentioned are the contemporary and topical research trends based on the electrical engineering research field.

Applications in Electrical Engineering

  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Biomedical
  • Power and Energy

Below, our can refer the data about the components that are used in the functions of electrical engineering research process along with its specifications.

Components in Electrical Engineering

  • Electron
    • It is the small particle that moves around the nucleus of an atom and it includes the negative charge of electricity
  • Electromotive force
    • It is measured in volts and it is the difference in potential to tend the rise for electric current
  • Electrolyte
    • It is considered as the sulfuric acid water solution in the storage battery and it includes the capability to conduct electrical current
  • Direct current
    • It denoted as the flow of current in one direction
  • Conductor
    • It is a substance useful for the free flow of electric current and it includes some conductive materials aluminum, copper, and metals
  • Circuit breaker
    • It is the automatic device to stop the current flow in the electric circuit. In addition, the service is restored by resetting the circuit breaker and correcting the reason for overload and it is also used in conjunction with protective relays for the circuit protection
  • Circuit
    • It is the closed path, where the flow of current source to electrons and it includes various forms such as parallel, series, etc.
  • Capacitor
    • It is deployed to store the electric charge that includes the pairs of conductors and is used to filter the voltage spikes
  • Capacitance
    • It is the capability of the body for the storage of electrical charge and farads are used to measure the ratio of electric charge of the object
  • Armature
    • A movable part of the generator is created through the conductors to rotate the magnetic field with the provision of voltage and force through electromagnetic induction. Here, the pivoted points in generator regulators are called as the armature
  • Apparent power
    • It is measured with the volt-amperes and the apparent power is the product of rms voltage and rms current
  • Ampere
    • It is the unit of measure based on the intensity of electric current flow in the circuit. 1 ampere = current flow of 1 coulomb per second
  • Ampere hour
    • It is denoted as the unit of measure for the capacity of the battery. It is acquired by multiplying the current by the time with the presence of the current flow
  • Ampacity
    • It is the massive amount of electric current device used to carry the progressive deterioration
  • Ammeter
    • Ammeter is an instrument that is used to measure the flow of electrical current and it is connected to the series in the circuit
  • Alternating current
    • It is denoted as the reverse direction of electric current within a second at regular intervals

For your reference, our research professionals have enlisted significant research assistance through the description of the simulation tools along with the specification of the research areas in the following.

Simulation Tools in Electrical Engineering

  • Control system
    • Lab view
    • Matlab
  • Electrical and electronic circuits
    • HSPICE
    • PSPICE
  • Renewable energy system
    • Solar advisor model in Simulink
    • Wind turbine model in Simulink
  • Power Electronics
    • Power systems CAD
    • PSIM
    • Matlab Simulink

Furthermore, our research experts have listed out some of the attention-grabbing research questions with appropriate answers to develop the research topics in electrical engineering for PhD. Beyond this, we used to support the research scholars in other interesting research areas and concepts. Along with that, if you have your idea to develop then we used to help researchers in that too.

People Asked Questions

What are the top research fields in electrical engineering?

  • Signal processing (SP)
  • Physical electronics (PHY)
  • Micro or Nano electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Information, data, network and communication sciences (IDNCS)
  • Energy (ENE)
  • Education (EDUC)
  • Cyber-physical systems and design automation (CPSDA)
  • Control, intelligent systems, and robotics (CIR)
  • Biosystems and computational biology (BIO)

What are the different types of networking in electrical engineering?

The research area based on networking and communication includes the design, performance, and evaluation of communication systems and various kinds of data networks such as.

  • Internet
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Data center networks
  • Wearable
  • Mobile
  • Vehicular
  • Ultra-low power
  • Optical
  • Wireless and cellular

What is a new technology in electrical?

  • Energy-efficient Lighting
  • Prefabrication
  • Electrical subcontractor scheduling software
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Smart helmet and augmented reality
  • Smartwatch
  • IoT and cloud computing
  • Robotics and drones

What are the topics in electrical engineering?

  • Thermodynamics
  • Power engineering
  • Microprocessor interfacing
  • Instrumentation
  • Transmission and distribution
  • Electrical engineering material
  • Circuit analysis and electronics
  • Electricity technology and machines
  • Electromagnetism


What are the research areas in electrical engineering?

  • Photonics
  • Devices and materials
  • Integrated systems and circuits
  • Energy and environment
  • Data and information science
  • Computing and networking
  • Biological and biomedical
  • Applied Physics

At the end of this article, we have some satisfaction about the provision of required research guidance in the selection process of research topics in electrical engineering for PhD. Moreover, we include the step by step processes starting from data collection to analysis in the well-structured methods in the research. So we hope that this makes you gain skills in a theoretical framework, theory to context transformation, and more. Overall, we effectively present your research work with the required chapters such as introduction, literature review, methodology, result, discussion, and conclusion. Contact us to acquire the research knowledge in this research field.

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