Bio Medical Projects


                                  Bio medical project is classified under the field of Bio Medical Engineering.Bio Medical Engineering helps  in gaining knowledge in biology,medicine and engineering. To do research and carry out task in reconstruction of robotic surgical instruments and to study  how living things tasks  are dealt in Bio medical Engineering.

Major process carried in Bio medical projects 

  • Implementing.

  • Monitoring.

  • Evaluating.

  • Reporting.

Above Listed Process  are carried out using Bio Medical Engineering Projects to find human disease.

We carry out project work for  UG,PG and Research Scholars students.Some of the bio medical projects that we have performed are as follows:

Portable computer – aided drug dispenser.


Personal Identification and verification based on Multiple Bio-metric features.


Eye Movement Measurement in MRI.

Listed  above  titles  in Bio Medical Projects are dealt with.

  • Neurons genetic.
  • Tissues.
  • Medical devices.




                 As new engineering market grows in medical field,Bio Medical engineering field has been widely expanded.Courses of bio medical engineering combines bio instrumentation and Bio Medical Engineering. Bio instrumentation provides the design of devices and states the computers for diagnosing and treating diseases.

Different areas in Bio Medical Engineering are as follows:

  1. Rehabilitation Engineering.
  2. Clinical Engineering.
  3. Bio mechanics.
  4. Bio materials.
  5. Bio instrumentation.


Rehabilitation Engineering:

                        To increase the ability and to make the quality of life better for people with physical impairments Rehabilitation Engineering is being used.

Clinical Engineering:

               Clinical Engineering is used in advanced technology for health care in hospitals.

Bio Mechanics:

                 It is the study of motion,material deformation,flow within the human body and in the devices, and transportation  of chemical components across biological and synthetic media and membranes.

Bio Materials :

               The living tissues and artificially cultivated materials that are suitable for implantation are classified under bio materials.

Bio Instrumentation:

              It states the exact degree or size of biological variables which help the physicians for analyzing and treating Various diseases.

              Some of the important body purposes and status are noted down by bio-medical sensors. They are

  • Ear beat rate.
  • Blood sugar level.
  • Presence of toxic agents.

    By making alarms when unusual values are noted to each individual by using advanced algorithms.

              Medical image processing has been frequently used in Bio Medical Projects.Brain tumor  segmentation, prostate cancer detection ,lung segmentation,retina blood vessel extraction and kidney stone detection uses medical image processing  in Bio Medical Projects.

Software packages such as SIMM, working Model,Labview, MATLAB and mathematical imitation of physiological systems are carried out. Matlab is used for detecting medical problems in human body and planning for advanced treatment.

         Surgery,bone drilling and cutting,tissue fusion,skin resur facing,hair removal, ophthalmology, lithotripsy and for other medical purposes Bio medical is applicable.We concentrate the scanning techniques such as

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
  • X-Ray.
  • Computed Tomography(CT).