Signal Processing Projects

Signal Processing Projects

Any manual or mechanical operation that analyzes, modifies or manipulates the content contained in a signal is termed as Signal Processing.Mathematical and abstract  format signal processing concepts one often laid out Hands-on laboratory must be provided to discuss uses of abstract concepts.Generally real time signals are analog in nature and it must be changed to digital signal and process the signal in digital domain,changing again to analog domain format.Signal Processing Projects are performed using matlab adaptive algorithm in Spectrum estimation and DSP algorithm.

Some of the Signal processing projects-operation programmed from digital signal processor is

  • Spectrum estimation.
  • DSP algorithms.

2015 IEEE Signal Processing Projects 

1. Soft-Core Dataflow Processor Architecture Optimized for Radar Signal Processing.
2. Linewidth-Tolerant Joint Digital Signal Processing for 16QAM Nyquist WDM Superchannel.
3. Block-Skew-Circulant Matrices in Complex-Valued Signal Processing.
4. Signal Processing in Next-Generation Prosthetics [Special Reports].
5. A UWB Radar Signal Processing Platform for Real-Time Human Respiratory Feature Extraction Based on Four-Segment Linear Waveform Model.
6. Signal Processing With Direct Computations on Compressively Sensed Data.
7. Comparative Study of Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Islanding Detection in a Hybrid Distributed Generation System.
8. Localization Algorithm for the PD Source in Substation Based on L-Shaped Antenna Array Signal Processing.
9. Digital High-Resolution Torque Sensor and Signal Processing.
10. Signal Processing Challenges in Quantitative 3-D Cell Morphology: More than meets the eye.
11. Razor Based Programmable Truncated Multiply and Accumulate, Energy-Reduction for Efficient Digital Signal Processing.
12. Automated Histology Analysis: Opportunities for signal processing.
13. Electric Machine Drive Design Improvements Through Control and Digital Signal Processing Techniques.
14. On Sparse Methods for Array Signal Processing in the Presence of Interference.
15. A Home Sleep Apnea Screening Device With Time-Domain Signal Processing and Autonomous Scoring Capability.
16. Acoustic micro-Doppler signal processing with foveated electronic cochlea.
17. Signal Processing Oriented Approach for Big Data Privacy.
18. Nonlinear Cognitive Signal Processing in Ultra-Low-Power Programmable Analog Hardware.
19. Signal Processing in the Workplace [Social Sciences].
20. Toward a Morphodynamic Model of the Cell: Signal processing for cell modeling.

 Categories of  Signal processing projects 

  • Boards and system.
  • Music and speech.
  • Image processing.
  • Control and communication.

Core area of Signal Processing Projects

  • Wireless local area networks.
  • Personal communication systems.
  • Digital Audio.
  • Television broadcast systems.
  • Mobile radio networks.
  • Multimedia networks.
  • Broad band.

Quantitative answer how to pick the sampling time interval T is framed out in the sampling theorem.Signal differences arising within samples must not be lost so T must be small.Makes use of Signal processing projects techniques. Every year we do update ieee papers for signal processing projects for PG,UG and Ph.d scholars.

Using matlab adaptive algorithms are performed ,some of its functions are in Signal Processing Projects

  • Stationary signals.
  • Show learning curve.
  • Non –stationary signals.
  • Convergence of coefficients.

Inserting one or more electrodes in field of interest. we derive extracellular voltage recording from action potentials by using current measuring techniques in Signal Processing Projects.

            An area of applications and exploratory demonstrations programming MATLAB is SSUM , one must be installed with MATLAB and signal processing toolbox to make use of SSUM.

             ECG signals processed are being filtered in signal processing to remove unwanted frequency signal.

Filters used in Signal Processing Projects

  1. Band-reject filter.
  2. Low- pass filter.
  3. High-pass filter.

 By using fundamental ideas and constraints of quantum mechanics we do aim in producing a new framework for the methods  of signal processing and develop new methods for quantum detection using signal processing tools.

Uses of Signal Processing Projects



Stability and high Reliability.