DIP Projects


Digital image Processing means Processing digital images using digital computer.DIP Projects mainly concentrates  on computer algorithms which performs processing over a digital image.The  applications of DIP Projects are widely found in remote sensing,robotics,forensics,photography and medical imaging.Its main target is to achieve a high resolution and its characteristics from its original image.DIP Projects uses five different technique such as Projection,Classification,Feature extraction,Multi-scale signal Analysis,Pattern recognition.



  • Projection.
  • Classification.
  • Feature extraction.
  • Multi-scale signal Analysis.
  • Pattern recognition.


To project a three dimensional image onto a planar surface.We use projection technique,which is nothing but a set of rules,this technique does not  use any numerical calculations which are used in technical drawing in Dip Projects.


This technique uses the composition or condition of the target surface which relates to quantitative spectral information of an image.

Feature Extraction:

Extracting the edges of an image is very import because ,it detects the boundaries of the image.It is done by means of digital differentiation operation.

Multi-scale signal Analysis:

In  DIP Projects multi-scale signal analysis is most widely used which takes care of the applications,fundamental theory,implementation and algorithms of processing information’s which are contained in many symbolic,abstract or physical formats which are broadly known as signals.

Pattern Recognition:

Pattern recognition concentrates on the regularities in data and recognition of patterns.It is also same as machine learning.

DIP Projects uses classifiers namely clustering k-means classification,Bayes classifier,Support vector machine (SVM),Minimum distance classifier,Learning classifiers and k-nearest neighbor classifier.

Applications of DIP Projects :

Medical Imaging:

We use different technologies here to scan the human body in order to monitor and diagnose the medical conditions.


Here the original image is treated onto to the sheet of silver-plated cooper,which is then inked and taken print.The Print produces exact replica of original image.

Remote Sensing:

It is the action of sensing or recording or observing objects which are at distant places.

Digital Image Processing also uses other techniques like compression and decompression in DIP Projects. Compression is used to reduce the unwanted and redundancy of the image in order to get data in efficient form using dip simulator. These techniques process through both lousy and loss-less techniques.