Power Electronics Projects

Power Electronics Projects

Power Electronics Projects are widely used in Electronics and Communication Engineering Industry Sector.Scope of Power Electronics Projects is to Convert Milli Watts into Mega Watts.Due to advancement in switching technologies and the need for a better switching circuits,power electronics projects lays on some important rules.To provide substantial power at high ability by making converters of compact size and weight is the target of latest converter technology. For the process of information electronic area deals with devices and circuits. Power field does both rotating and static equipment.

Requirements devices for power electronics projects system :

  • High reliable.
  • Rugged operation.
  • Device costs are low.
  • Switching fast.
  • High voltage.
  • High current.
  • Assembly and repair are simple.
  • Frequency are high.
  • Low losses.

2015 IEEE Power Electronics Projects 

1.Mission Profile-Based Reliability Design and Real-Time Life Consumption   Estimation in Power Electronics.
2.Piezoelectric Actuators With Integrated High-Voltage PowerElectronics.
3.Computationally Efficient, Real-Time, and Embeddable Prognostic Techniques for Power Electronics.
4.Single Active Switch Power Electronics for Kilowatt Scale Capacitive Power Transfer.
5.Study and Handling Methods of Power IGBT Module Failures in Power Electronic Converter Systems.
6.High-Temperature (250 °C?/?500 °F) 19 000 min BLDC Fan for Forced Air-Cooling of Advanced Automotive Power Electronics.
7.Power Electronics Control of an Energy Regenerative Mechatronic Damper.
8.Research on Unbalanced-Load Correction Capability of Two Power Electronic Transformer Topologies.
9.A Storage Integrated Modular Power Electronic Interface for Higher Power Distribution Availability.
10.Performance of Multistep Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control for Power Electronics.
11.Real-Time Prediction of Power Electronic Device Temperatures Using PRBS-Generated Frequency-Domain Thermal Cross Coupling Characteristics.
12.Survey of High-Temperature Reliability of Power ElectronicsPackaging Components.
13.Influence of Power Electronic Converters on Current-Voltage Behaviors During Faults in DGU’s – Part ll: Photovoltaic Systems.
14.Survey of High-Temperature Polymeric Encapsulants for Power Electronics Packaging.
15.Editorial: IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, February 2015.

Categories of Power Electronics Projects

The stability and response features of closed-loop systems on continuous or sampled data basis are  the field done by control area.

Power Transmission

  • HVAC.
  • HVDC.

High frequency power conversion

  • DC/DC, inverters.

Power Quality.

  • Harmonic reduction.
  • Power factor correction.
  • Avive filtering.
  • Passive filtering.
  • Power devices.
  • Distributed power systems.


Building Blocks of Power Electronics Projects

  1. DC/AC converters.
  2. AC/AC converters.
  3. AC/DC converters.
  4. DC/DC converters.

DC/AC converters

             Controllable magnitude and frequency are produced with galvanic isolation through a transformer.

AC/AC converters

            Phase, frequency, magnitude and power converters of AC converters with a DC link.

AC/DC converters

            Converts AC to DC by adjusting current and voltage.

DC/DC converters

            Switching choppers and linear regulations.

Problems Faced in Power Electronics Projects?

Problem Faced in Power Electronics can be grouped in Fault Tolerant Drives

Fault Tolerant Drives:
  • Electrical Drives failure Identification.
  • Robust operation in case of failure of electrical drives.
  • Converter systems optimal reconfiguration.
  • Single and multilevel redundancy conversion by new typologies.
Industry and Traction  | uses in Power electronics Projects:

            Battery charges, Motor drives and power supplies are the early use of power electronics, which was used in areas where its needs are of less cost .

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