Watermarking Projects


To Remove, invalidate, forge watermark are the major benefits of watermarking. A pattern of bits inserted to a digital image, video or audio file which finds the files copyright information is watermarking which is easy to detect and  hard to remove.By some hidden watermark a owners property right for images, video, music and software can be claimed on watermarking so it acts as a protective method. The basic goal of Watermarking Projects is to obtain strong level so that it is not possible  to takeaway a watermark without making the data objects quality worse.


To perform watermarking steganography is applied. Though the concept of watermarking is not purely based  on  Steganography the techniques used in Steganography are put in practice to store the data. Watermarking projects by using Steganography technique are implemented by our concern. We Update Watermarking projects title from the acm Journal that has high repeated value.

Without Applying any Knowledge of secret key used for embedded and embedded algorithm stegano analysis is being carried out.

To insert digital watermarking two techniques are used from Watermarking Projects:

  • Masking.
  • Filtering Technique.

 Sample Watermarking Projects

Uses Of WaterMarking Projects:

  • Tamper Proofing
  • Tracking of Transaction
  • Broadcast Monitoring
  • Digital Rights Management

WaterMarking Projects Model:

  • Communication Based model
  • Geometric Model

A combinational laplacian depends on the connectivity of the mesh and it is a matrix operation in which it can be used for watermarking 3d meshes by applying matlab.The pairwise relation is being used as binary delta function.The human eye has only limited capability to state the variation and it can be overcome by digital watermarking  technology. Every part of the image is protected when watermark is repeated over whole image.

 Techniques used in Watermarking Projects:

  • Removal of watermarks.
  • Spread Spectrum Method.
  • Authentication of Images.
  • Least Significant Bit Modification.

The two methods of digital watermarking techniques are:

Watermarking with Side Information.

Watermarking without side Information.

Watermarking Projects latest techniques are being updated by us we support Phd scholars.

The LSB technique steps Used in Watermarking:

  • Double Precision for image
  • Change RGB image to gray scale image
  • Changes most significant bits to low significant bits of watermark image
  • To modify rest image we must add shifted version of watermark
  • Make least Significant bits of host image to Zero

Processs Of Watermarking an image by applying  Matlab function are

  • Displaying an Image
  • Creating an Image
  • Loading an Image

Embedding and Extracting of watermark methods must be done for some special circumstances.