Biomedical Engineering Projects are mainly developed for biomedical engineering students and also some instrumentation, electrical and electronics students. The advances of biology, medicine and engineering are also known as biomedical engineering. The biomedical engineering using cross-disciplinary activities should improve the human health which integrates both biomedical sciences and engineering sciences. The instrumentation students used the applications of bioinstrumentation having techniques and principles of electronics and measurements. The treatment and diagnosis of disease done with the help of developed devices under the bioinstrumentation.



 General Concepts of Biomedical Engineering Projects

       Biomedical Engineering projects accepted simulation and also the hardware interface. Some of few concepts must need the support from the hardware device. Interconnection of simulation and hardware must include the code part using simulation. Biomedical based simulation projects are developed with the help of Matlab simulation tool. Using matlab toolboxes we have to interconnect the simulation portion of the project to the hardware portion using serial port connector.

     Biomedical concepts are developed under the human organs and tissues. Some specialized areas of biomedical engineering are cellular tissue and genetic engineering, rehabilitation engineering, othopadic biochemistry and bioinstrumentation.

    A few of advanced medical systems are patient monitoring equipment, imaging, artificial organs and information systems. One application area is neuro engineering. The Neuro engineering will travel around the controls of movement and posture of the human body. Some other controls behind in the neuro engineering are,



Robotic Training for Rehabilitation.

Brain machines & neural interfaces.

Motor Learning.

Decision Making.

Neuromuscular System.


Without the knowledge of adaptive experts the research should disclose the discipline of skilled expertise. The combination of flexible knowledge and skills should acquire a few attitudes and learners to setting the stage for lifelong learning. The concept of biomedical projects are comes under human organs. The organ of brain should includes the processes of filtering, tissue segmentation, age & gender classification, Multiple Sclerosis segmentation and classification of image as in normal or abnormal.

  The ergonomic problems to suitable for multiple realistic and standards of engineering are integrate to the view of solving some problems. The problems are biotechnological, environmental and biomedical.  The biomedical projects are developed for undergraduate students to submit their academic projects. The biomedical based projects shall be focused for some of the placement drives interview. So students to be selected their academic projects in biomedical domain and the code will be implemented using Matlab Simulation Tool.