Wireless Communication Projects


Wireless communication projects can be the highest growing division of the communication history by any measures. On two spatial scales wireless multi-path channel differs. They are large scale fading and small scale fading. Numbers of multiple accesses are used by the wireless communication system have more number of standards they are modulation, channel bandwidth and frequency bands.With the aid of messages. the analog and digital communications are made. The digital messages are built with countable number of symbols. Analog messages are featured data changes continually over a range.


  • Performance analysis of wireless intruder geolocation in campus wireless networks.
  • Design and development of wireless foundation fieldbus industrial networks.
  • Grasping money game used in wireless channel resource allocation.
  • Wireless photoplethysmographic device for heart rate variability signal acquisition and analysis.
  • RSA/Shift Secured IFFT/FFT Based OFDM Wireless System.
  • Application Development in Vision-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • Wireless repeater with decision feedback equalizer based on LDPC code.
  • Experimental setup of wide area monitoring using Zigbee IEEE 802.15.4 technology and RF FM technique.
  • Probability analysis of isolated node in wireless ad-hoc sensor network with
    border effect.
  • WiSNAP: a wireless image sensor network application platform.
  • Optimized Deployment of Cluster Head Nodes in Wireless Network for the Greenhouse.
  • Intelligent approach to video transmission over 2.4 GHz wireless technology.
  • Wireless Embedded System for Multimedia Campus Network Utilizing IEEE 802.11 N (draft) and WiMax Radio.
  • UWB Radio Propagation Inside Vehicle Environments.
  • TCP throughput efficiency enhancement in IEEE 802.11n network.


Mobile communications are developed among the users these days. Earlier mobile communication was specified amount among one pair of users on single channel pair. Whereas a mobile station or subscriber unit to be specified base station and it communications to the targeted user at the other side.

Multimedia communications is possible from anywhere in the world with help of small device or laptop by wireless communication. Wireless Communication projects for all PhD scholars.

Use Of Wireless Communication Projects:

  • Internet Access.
  • Paging.
  • Web Browsing.
  • Short Messaging.
  • File Transfer.
  • Subscriber Information Services.
  • Entertainment.
  • Distributed Control.
  • Sensing.

The wireless communication projects which has above applications are supported by our firm and the paper title is updated from ISI journals.

The telephone network which is fully depend on point-point microwave circuits are being changed by optical fiber. The other major component of wireless communications infraction is commercial Satellite communications which is developing.

Frequency used in Wireless communications projects  :

  • GSM Phones-900 MHz.
  • TV Broadcast-200 MHz.
  • GPS-1.2 MHz.
  • FM Radio-88 MHz.
  • Pcs Phones -1.8 GHz.
  • WiFi-2.4 GHz.
  • Bluetooth-2.4 GHz.

Wireless communication projects which is using above frequencies are provided by our concern.

Wireless services are classified into

  • Past.
  • Future.

Single Services are provided in past service and future services are sensor networks, wireless computing and multimedia.

Types in Mobile Radio Transmission 

In Full duplex, the communication is simultaneous for transmission and reception.

In Half duplex, the same radio channel for both transmission and reception.

In Simplex, the communication is single direction.

Spectrum allocation is the main factor for wireless communications. The part of the electromagnetic spectrum  make use of radio transmission.

Several type of connections are offered by GSM they are

  • Short Message Service.
  • Voice Connections.
  • Data Connections.

The performance features of GSM 

  • Total Mobility.
  • High Capacity.
  • Communication.
  • High Transmission Quality.
  • World Wide Connectivity.
  • Security Functions.

When distortion and noise are within limit the noisy immunity of digital data can be retrieved without any error.

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