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The latest field in AI that is growing rapidly is Image processing especially under machine learning and deep learning there is a vast growth. Our research professionals analyze how we can interpret, and make decisions based on digital images. We have a team of hands-on experience working developers, on image processing projects who are our invaluable asset.

AI project ideas related to image processing:

Object Detection and Tracking

Here the main goal is we target to detect and track objects in real-time using cameras by using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), YOLO, OpenCV.

Facial Recognition System

          Our developer’s aim is to create a facial recognition system for security or user identification using technologies as DeepFace, FaceNet, Dlib, OpenCV.

Medical Image Analysis

We detect anomalies or diseases like tumors or fractures by using CNN, Transfer Learning, DICOM image standards in medical images.

Real-time Gesture Recognition

Hand gestures for human-computer interaction will be recognized by applying CNN, OpenCV, TensorFlow or PyTorch.

Image Colorization

            To change black and white images to colour automatically we use Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), CNN.

Text Extraction from Images

From images or real-world photographs Extract and digitize text technologies as

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Tesseract, CNN are made of for a successful completion of AI project.

Image Segmentation for Autonomous Vehicles

For autonomous navigation its widely used to Segment Road, vehicles, pedestrians and other components by Semantic Segmentation, U-Net, TensorFlow or PyTorch.

Style Transfer

Neural Style Transfer, VGG-19, PyTorch will be applied from artistic styles to photos.

Super-resolution Imaging

The resolution of images can be improved by using deep learning techniques as SRCNN, ESRGAN, TensorFlow or PyTorch.

Emotion Recognition from Facial Expressions

           Here we classify human emotions based on facial expressions by using technologies like CNN, Facial Landmark Detection, OpenCV.

Image-to-Image Translation

Pix2Pix, CycleGAN, TensorFlow or PyTorch are used for translating between various types of images, e.g., satellite to map.

Augmented Reality Filters

OpenCV, ARKit or ARCore, CNN are the technologies used to generate AR filters like Snapchat.

 Video Summarization

A summary of long videos is generated by selecting the most important frames or clips here our research team use RNN, LSTM, Shot Detection.


 Anomaly Detection in Security Surveillance

            Identify Anomalous activities in surveillance footage can be analyzed the technologies we apply are Anomaly Detection Algorithms, OpenCV.

Image Captioning

Captions for images will be generated automatically we make use of CNN, Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN), Natural Language Processing.

Plant Disease Identification

Plant diseases can be recognized and classified based on its leaf images by using CNN, TensorFlow or PyTorch.

Content-Based Image Retrieval

To recover similar images from a database based on the content with the aid of Feature Extraction, Nearest Neighbors Algorithm.

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Artificial intelligence image processing Research Topics & Ideas

Hope now you have a basic understanding of what is image processing let us dive into some of the project ideas that create by using the above-mentioned concept on image processing. You can explore a huge repository of our image processing AI projects.

  1. Lossless Image/Video Embedded Compression for Memory Bandwidth Saving of AI Applications
  2. AIX Implementation in Image-Based PM2.5 Estimation: Toward an AI Model for Better Understanding
  3. Towards Creating Exotic Remote Sensing Datasets using Image Generating AI
  4. FHI-Unet: Faster Heterogeneous Images Semantic Segmentation Design and Edge AI Implementation for Visible and Thermal Images Processing
  5. Smart Device Waiter using AI image and Voice Recognition with an IPS Navigation System
  6. Generative AI with Python and TensorFlow 2: Create images, text, and music with VAEs, GANs, LSTMs, Transformer models
  7. Cartoon image processing and promotion strategy based on AI intelligent technology
  8. AI-Powered Image-Based Tomato Leaf Disease Detection
  9. Efficient AI-Enabled Pneumonia Detection in Chest X-ray Images
  10. Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Image Processing
  11. Real-time Image Edge Detection System Design and Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence FPGAs
  12. Approaches of artificial intelligence in biomedical image processing: A leading tool between computer vision & biological vision
  13. iVoiding: A Thermal-Image based Artificial Intelligence Dynamic Voiding Detection System
  14. Image Recognition and Diagnosis System of Early Gastric Cancer Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm
  15. Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition In healthcare
  16. Research on Invasive Insect Image Recognition Based on Artificial Intelligence
  17. Summary and Experiment on the Exploration of Brain Tumour Image Classification Recognition: Initial Experience of Artificial Intelligence Technology
  18. The Survey of Digital Image Analysis with Artificial Intelligence- DCNN Technique
  19. An Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence based Traffic Signal Control System of Dhaka
  20. Research about Tongue Image of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

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