Projects based on Power Electronics

            Power electronics is a fast developing field in electrical engineering and electronic converters large spectrum covered by this technology. Power electronic principle is used in IC’s of mobile sets for power management purpose which can allow only a few milliwatts whereas large linear audio amplifiers are used at a few thousand watt.  The bipolar transistor was designed to manage a few tens of amperes and to stop a several hundred volts, which became competitor to SCR. The power MOSFET technology has almost obtained the developed stage and it is the most famous device for SMPS, high switching frequencies are expected in lighting ballast type but operating voltages are low. Projects based on power electronics are done and supported by our concern for all academic students.



     The power electronics community is an ideal position to give to both concept and the implementation plan, scope, knowledge and experience in the energy management systems engineering embraces the whole system. Same types of results are obtained for most of the stresses in semiconductor devices, but there are markable differences. The currents derived in the low frequency applications in the capacitances among its terminal are little and it can be retrieved directly by integrated circuits.

The types of induction motors are

  • Space vector PWM induction 3HP motor.
  • Field oriented control induction 200HP motor drive.
  • Direct torque control (DTC) Induction 200HP motor drive.
  • Six step Induction 3HP motor drive.

             The main step is to change MATLAB model to a saber model bridge rectifier circuit is the rectifier bridge, the universal bridge module is used for simulation in matlab sim power system toolbox. To change a DC voltage into an AC sinusoidal for various type of load including resistive loads, non-linear loads and inductive loads PWM inverters are used.With the above demonstrated method we are guiding in projects based on power electronics in our firm.The resultant waveforms obtained from MATLAB and PSPICE has little differences this is because of the power loss of the non-ideal switch and diode used in PSPICE. To adapt the exact frame several control strategies are used in vector control where the reference frame is joined to the rotor flux vector.Projects based on power electronics under the above types are provided by our concern for all B.Tech students and the paper title is updated periodically from the ISI journals.

            To implement the control algorithms MATLAB/Simulink is used more to represent the frequency response of amplifiers the graphical features of MATLAB is specifically used also to illustrate the principles and theories of semiconductor matlab features are used.

            Projects based on power electronics are supported by our firm.