Storage Integrated Modular for Higher Power Distribution

Storage Integrated Modular  for Higher Power Distribution 

This paper proposes active power distribution nodes (APDNs) as an effective interface that can improve availability of power distribution networks. APDNs can be used as a modular interface block for critical power networks, such as secure facilities and vehicular platforms. By having bidirectional power flow capability and embedded energy storage, APDNs are able to increase both operational flexibility and availability of power networks. The embedded energy storage can minimize potential power interruptions experienced by the load. In addition, modularity is also inherent in the configuration of APDNs.

The advantages of using APDNs as a connection interface inside a power network are discussed from an availability point of view in a quantitative manner by performing a comparison using Markov-based availability models. The configuration, characteristics, and operation states of the APDN are introduced, and a two-level hierarchical control approach that regulates the voltage/current level and performs energy management is discussed. The design is verified with simulation and experiments.

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