Communication based projects  mainly focuses the interaction between simulation and hardware. It also supports the ideas of human-computer interaction.  The many spectrum of human knowledge can be learned with the help of some activity, art and skill which is known as communication. Communication based projects are developed using the simulation software named as MATLAB. This matlab software environment will helpful for teaching and research applications. Applications shall be held on robotics and automation.

Matlab is a authoritative linear algebra tool and it have some toolboxes for extending the processing of communication. This is also known as an interactive open environment for getting solution in an effective manner. In simulation, data exchange should be performed with the help of DDE.


Overview of Communication Based Projects 

Communication based projects support voice recognition based concepts. In Matlab has interfacing tool for exchanging and improving the different features like dimensions, color and texture. These features are analyzed for recognition purposes. Signal processing concepts are also used to identify the color of an object using Matlab. Some of the communication based concepts are focused in our system. There are mobile communication principles, Cellular System Components, Digital Systems, Analog Cellular Systems and Mobile Telephone System.

        MATLAB is used for interfacing the objects. It’s mainly used for voice recognition which has three different categories. There are speech-to-text, text-to-speech and voice command recognizer. To control the mechanical movements of the robotic arm we have to use MATLB.

     A large number of low power wireless transmitters are used in Cellular Mobile Communication system (CMC), Named Data Networking. This CMC based wireless transmitters are used to create a cell in communication system. Kind of application should be applied to get sufficient funding, resources and facilities. Matlab based CMC making for students to provide hands on experiences.

    Object tracking method can be done by using MATLAB functions. Moving objects has the features of color which relate to the movable object. This could used to identify and tracking the objects in anywhere. Computer vision is an essential method to achieve robotic surveillance. Object tracking method should operate on the basis of computer vision. After identifying the object the tracking process shall be enabled. The bounding BOX function presented in the MATLAB used to identifying an object.

    Using MATLAB the RFID based library management system should be processed. The system has some elements of


Personal Computer.

Serial to USB Converter.

RFID Read/Writer.