Renewable  Energy Projects for students

At distribution level when Renewable energy Source is integrated is known as Distributed generation, were load and inverted sensing equate load current harmonics. To compensate load current harmonics and unbalance load at various levels active power filter is used.We undertake Renewable Energy Projects for students in the their Final Year IEEE Projects .

2015 IEEE Renewable Energy Projects

            The key element of DC system is voltage source inverter which equates renewable energy to grid and gives away power where renewable energy source may be DC or AC source along with rectifier grouped with Dc-link, Due to high power capacities the grid is connected at sub- transmission level for hydro-electric generation, solar central receiver, geothermal and large wind forms.

Uses of Renewable Energy Projects for Students 

  • Maintenance is low
  • Lack of noise
  • Fuel cost is nil
  • Dependability is high
  • Simplicity of allocation

In domain of power electronics renewable generating conditions are applied. The grid interface inverter has control approach delivers the excess generated and equates total load active and reactive power.

            Realistic power is generated under hybrid systems which is a correct method for a clear energy production. Renewable energy projects for students  is called non- conventional type of energy which one continuously replenished naturally


Renewable Energy systems are
  • Capable of running in on-grid and off-grid modes
  • Power supply must be increased which is close to consuming place.
  • To make control grid control complex we can decrease the power volume in transmission level.

Features of renewable Energy Projects

  • Energy efficiency is high in fuel cell systems
  • Renewable energy resources are abundant
  • Renewable energy fuel cell system are eco- friendly
  • They can complement each other
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