The art and science of invisible communication is termed as steganography.By employing numerous technologies hiding information can be done in steganography to obtain the desired goals.Projects on Steganography mainly focuses on to send news and information without removing and we can be confident that the messages are being tracked back to us by using steganography.


 Uses of Projects on Steganography

To estimate the message length steganalysis technique is used.

  • An attack when detects the presence of message
  • Message length estimating components is ignored.

Steganography systems uses the following terminology

Secret key.

Secret message.

Cover message.

Embedding algorithm.


In various methods hiding information within audio files are done,by using least significant bit as modifications does not workwell in audible changes to sounds.High degree of redundancy digital file formats are  used for steganography.The bit of an object which provides accuracy greater than the  object’s display and use.The most popular method used for steganography is LSB substitution method.On the property of JPEG phase extraction is based to make changes to the image not visible to the human eye.

Rounding errors result in cooefficient data that are not noted during the DCT transformation phase of the compression algorithm.Projects on steganography are being carried out by using all sorts of techniques.Every year we update projects on steganography paper titles from IEEE journals and use support to all B.E and M.E students.

Projects on Steganography :

  • Drug dealears
  • Media data base systems
  • Data altering protection
  • Secret data storing and confidential communication
  • Access control system for digital content distribution
  • Cover communication by executives

To map one symble to one code word Huffman codes are used.Huffman coding assigns a binary code to every intensity value of image and a 2-D M2XN2 image is changed to a 1-D bits stream of length LH<M2XN2.binary codes to each intensity value are contained at Huffman table.

Digital image in bitmap format and compressed image format like JPEG applies still imagery steganography.