MATLAB is one of the programming languange where numerical computing is environment in nature. Matlab Based final year projects  intergrates functions that work under real,complex and integer numbers, matrices,structures & vectors.Matlab based final year projects is available for windows ,UNIX,macintosh systems.It is applied &used by million people in academia as well as industry.

The process of grouping the pixels with the same attributes called segmentation.

Matlab based final year projects with applications of image segmentation:

  • For object based measurement,like shape & size objects are detected in a scene.
  • 3D imaging.
  • Detect an object which contain various distance from sensor using depth measurements from laser range finder which enables the planning path for a mobile robot.


Based  on computer programming, a filter is a procedure or group of code designed to determine each input or output request for particular qualified criteria & process or method send it accordingly.image  filtering techniques are categorized as

  • Collaborative filtering(CF).
  • Content based filtering(CBF).
  • Hybrid filtering(HF).

Based on the operation.

Pattern recognition mainly focused with systems that recognize patterns by classification scheme already been determined.

Application of pattern recognition –  Matlab based final year projects:

Diagonostic system.

Military applications.

Printed texts:reading machines for blind.

Machine diagnostics,water detection.

Medical diagnosis:ECG analysis,x-ray.

Automated target recognition(ATR).

The  individual caharacteristics of fingerprint  is no two people have been found with exact same fingerprint pattern.classification of fingerprint based on the visual pattern.

  • Whorls:

a complete circuit with at least one ridge

  • Arches:

Ridges are formed with one side of print and exits on the other.

  • Loops:

It contain one delta & one or more ridges that enter & leave on the same side.

By scanning the form,the OCR system gives a full alphanumeric recognition of printed or handwritten characters at electronic speed.

Advantages of OCR with Matlab based final year projects:
  • Savings in costs &efficiencies
  • Allowance of efficient management &rest planning of process workload by scanning &recognition
  • Quick processing,storage of questionaries near operators or no movement.

The number of features are fixed determined by data contain categorical or continuous ,binary characteristics of feature extraction are color,edges,and textures .application of features extraction are:

  • 3D construction.
  • Motion tracking.
  • Image alignment