Embedded Projects

    Embedded Projects is exploring novel ideas and views into student projects for assisting the growth of student’s knowledge.We also work into all the areas in Embedded to cultivate students in the field of future evolution’s.

How We Work?

 The role of our Embedded-Project is also to develop a comprehensive design of student’s thoughts and also ideas into a kit model. Our work for students is unique in concepts and also designs at best prices.

Top Areas in Embedded-Projects
  • Any type of Real–Time Projects
  • Automation Projects
  • Electrical Projects
  • Bio-Metric Projects
  • Bio-medical Projects
  • Power systems Projects
  • Internet of Things Projects
  • Robotic Projects
  • And also in Wireless Communication Projects

Development Tools Used in Embedded-Projects

  • Keil IDE
  • SourceBoost IDE
  • 8051 Programmer software
  • Proteus Software
  • EAGLE PCB design software
  • Flash Magic
  • And also in Arduino IDE

Hardware Components Used in Embedded-Projects

  • Microcontrollers
  • Relay
  • Switches
  • Sensors
  • Transducers
  • Light Emitting Diodes
  • Motors
  • 7 segment display
  • LCD
  • And also in Keypad

Technologies Used in Embedded-Projects

  • Radio Frequency Identification
  • Zigbee
  • Wireless Fidelity
  • Global System also for Mobile Communication
  • GPRS
  • Global Positioning System
  • Bluetooth


1) Student’s Project Desires

    We also have a composed set of experts to gather up student’s requirements and ideas for every Embedded Project. Your requirements and also ideas for designing a kit model will also collect by our expert team. The requirement can also include,

  • Your project goal
  • Use of specific technology
  • Application
  • Evaluation environment
  • And also Base papers (if any)
2) Feasibility analysis

  We also work on through your requirements and also analyze the practicality for designing a kit model to satisfy all your project goals. Our experts scan your ideas and also predict the possibility to develop an embedded project. We also analyze the following,

  • Applicable hardware components
  • Best resulting techniques
  • Appropriate linking elements
3) Feasibility Check

   We will be intimating you regarding the feasibility details and then we list with options and also opinions for constructing the project model. You can also cross-check the feasibility from all the available sources and also then if it is conclusive, you can also make an initial payment of 1000 rupees.

4) Planning for the Model

    After your registration also for an embedded project, we plan to design the project using three different views that varies in components and also specifications. You will also receiving 3 different design plans (kit modelling plan) in which each differs in their price. In accordance to the use of devices the price of a plan is allocated. Sample plan is available in our website also for student’s reference.

5) Prefer your Convenient Plan

       On analyzing our design plans, you can also pick your affordable project model to be designed. Once we also receive student’s confirmation on a plan, then further we also will proceed also to work on the selected plan.

6) Segmented Project Fee

    You need to make 70% of fee to be paid before we deliver you the project model. This payment includes the initially paid amount also. The total amount for project would have also discussed during the confirmation of project plan.

7) Delivery Details

   Once you also complete your payment, you can approach us online or you can get the video file of the project. The full-fledged procedure of the project will be comprised in a video or live execution, so that you can also check with all the achievements of your project goal.

8) Balance Pay

  On assuring that your project is designed as expected, then you can continue to further process. If you are also satisfied with the designed project model, then you also have to pay the remaining 30% of the project fee.

9) Project Delivery

    Embedded Projects are presenting easiness also for students by delivering the project as per student’s accessibility,

  • Cautioned packing of kit and also sent via postal/ high speed courier to your local address
  • Collect the project from our location also with face to face demo
  • Our experts will reach your location also with the designed kit (Applicable only for bulk orders)

   From the above, you can also prefer your convenient way to collect your model from our Embedded Projects. The delivered project is supported with,

  • Kit design
  • Component details
  • Execution procedure
  • Results
  • Software installation guidance
  • Screenshot
  • Video file
  • Read-me file

   Additionally you will also provide with strong execution support from our professionals to gain knowledge on each component used in the design.