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What is big data analysis? Big data analysis is the provision huge amount of data sets which is denoted as data mining and data science. In addition, it is required for functions of machine learning algorithms for the production of statistical models with various developments and knowledge provisions based on the quantity of big data. In the following, we have given the list of significant approaches used in the big data projects for MTech students.


  • Data
    • Visualization
    • Prediction
    • Publishing
    • Acquisition
    • Processing
    • Publishing
    • Perseverance
  • Hadoop platforms and programming skills
      • NoSQL
      • SQL
    • Algorithms and techniques are used for data mining implementation
    • The extensive amount of statistics, mathematics, and other tools are used

Concept of big data

  • Major functions in the decision-making process
  • Development of big data deploys through some techniques, models, and scientific programming tools
  • Massive amount of data sets are extracted with some insights and information with some techniques

Basic information about big data

  • Programming and the developed models are used to produce the working applications
  • Complex patterns are apprehended from developed models of big data
  • Analysis, preparation, and data filtering are interconnected
  • Big data knowledge extraction functional in the scientific methods

Which is best data or data science?

Data science is the finest platform for the implementation of predictive and statistical analytics techniques to create strong expertise. In addition, big data is beneficial for data processing with Hadoop and it is functional using Tableau and R.

The massive amount of data sets is functional with the involvement of data science. Additionally, it is acquainted with well-designed through machine learning. A massive amount of data is frequently generated in the business world and the data is required to translate into a specific format for a better understanding to implement big data projects for Mtech students..

How do you find big data projects?

Five significant ways are essential to developing real-world functions and the data science experience. The notable methods such as

  • Involvement is essential for the open source projects
  • Tutorial creations
  • Data scientist volunteers
  • Produce small projects
  • Join for the meetup
Is big data necessary for data science?

Data science is the field of multi-disciplinary with the deployment of algorithms, methods, and scientific processes for knowledge extraction along with the comprehensive of all the required structured and unstructured data. Data science includes big data as a significant part and the knowledge of machine learning and data science are required.

Hadoop for Data Science

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is the open source software with the references of data sets with the data sets and accumulation of data sets such with

  • Visual packages
    • It is desktop statistics and functional within the required time
  • Relational databases
    • It is processed and analyzed through the traditional technologies and tools
  • Managed Velocity
    • It is the rate of growth and it sorts the difficulties for the data collection
  • Variability
    • It is based on the complexity
  • Volume
    • It is based on the size of the data

Do we need Hadoop for data science?

  • The effective algorithms, hardware, and programming systems are deployed to solve the issues
  • Data science is the field of multi-disciplinary functions and the uses of scientific algorithms, processes, systems, and methods for the functions of hardware functionalities from structured and structured data
  • Data science with the accumulation of big data and data mining

Hadoop is the finest platform that is used for data operations and with the functions of large-scale data. The matured data scientists are developed with the knowledge to regulate the unstructured data and massive amounts of data. The Hadoop ecosystem is constructed using Java through writing ML code and MapR is considered a complex task. The clustering, classification, and regression are the ML operations and deployed through the outline of MapR which is a difficult task.

  • The related data operations are required and functional through the data scientist. In addition, Hadoop and big data permitted architecture and analysis development using a large amount of data
  • Pig and Hive are the two significant components in Hadoop and these two are based on Apache and it is functional for the simple data analysis process
  • Apache Mahout is released from the Apache software foundation and it is based on the ML data operation. MapR is considered the standard principle in Apache Mahout and it functions for Hadoop

Research Guidance to implement big data projects for mtech students

Use of Hadoop in big data

  • Dataset for data mining
    • It is established as the massive datasets and the ML algorithms are used to provide the finest results. The product recommenders, clustering, and outlier detection are the techniques used for the provision of statistical techniques
    • The data is stored in RAW format due to the assistance of the Hadoop ecosystem with the provision of linear scalable storage
  • Data agility
    • The, unlike traditional database id, is required for the outline of strict schema, and Hadoop is considered as the flexible schema for the users
    • The schema redesign is eliminated through the flexible schema and this takes place when there is a requirement for a new file
  • Data processing
    • Hadoop is used as the large-scale data preprocessing for the data scientist and it offers the tools to regulate the large-scale data. The tools such as
      • Hive
      • MapR
      • PIG
    • Feature extraction, transformation, data acquisition, and cleanup are considered essential uses of data preprocessing for data scientists. It is essential for the functions of transformation from raw data to the standardized feature vectors
  • Engaging of data with a large dataset
    • Data scientists have some limitations regarding the functions of the local machine and the massive volume of data is essential for them
    • Hadoop is used to write MapR, scripts based on PIG, HIVE, and the full dataset is functioning through Hadoop for the better results


Big data projects for MTech students

The big data projects are considered an easy platform to gain some knowledge about the programming language python and its implementation. Here, the following is about the chatbot project,

Chatbot Project

  • Rule-based approach
    • It is used to guide the chatbot with the set of pre-determined procedures in the initial stage and the rules are complex yet simple
  • How to make a chatbot in Python step by step
    • The chatbots are familiar in recent days with data science projects and it has a significant phase in business and it functions to protect the time of human resources
    • It is the provision of personalized and developed business service

Application areas

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