Image Processing Projects Using Matlab

In Order to desire a better image or to extract some useful ideas,Image Processing methods are used. And to change an image to digital form and carry out some task on it.Image Processing Projects using matlab helps in storage and transmission of large data across wide are network.

  • Pre-Processing.
  • Information Extraction.
  • Enhancement & display.

Are the general phases while using digital technique.


Some of the methods of Image Processing Projects using Matlab are:

  • Image Representation.
  • Image Analysis.
  • Pre-Processing Image.
  • Reconstruction Of Image.
Image Representation

The major work of two real variables is the image stated in the real world.

Image Analysis

To make quantitative measurements from an image and form out a description on it is Image Analysis. In other words, deriving useful ideas on a particular image such as colors, objects and shapes.

Pre-Processing Image

The process of  scaling and reduction is Pre-Processing. The shear can be implemented  very effectively and there would be no associated  Re-sampling degradations.

Reconstruction  Of  Image
            From one-dimensional projections two-dimensional object can be framed out.
            Fourier transformations theory, convolution and correlation techniques are used to derive correct results.
            These are the major task in which Image Processing is based Upon.

Image Proceesing Projects using Matlab 

  • Storage and Transmission on processing of image data.
  • For high level processing to make better the pictorial information for human interpretation.
  • By matching and recognition algorithms face recognition process can be carried out in.Due to increasing security demands and law enforcement applications recognition has become an important area of research for these past years.
  • The algorithm that is widely used is discrete cosine burden in terms of speed and Memory.
  • The images of film, digital, invasive examination ,limited quality,  low equipment price and mobility based images are used for image analysis process.