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Wireless Patient Heartbeat and Temperature Monitoring System is develop to track the irregularities of patients. Each and every organ functions based on a set of ranging values which is require to predict the functioning of organ is either normal or abnormal.

A monitoring system is enable to monitor a patient continuously without any break in the measurements.

The wider use of wireless communication technology is also involve into this patient monitoring system. The major reason to propose this patient monitoring system is to maintain accurate measurements from sensors and reduce the number of labors.

A Wireless Patient Heartbeat and Temperature Monitoring System is built using smaller sized electronic devices that are wired each other according to the circuit design. The special body sensors are used in the development of this system which is connected with the microcontroller. The microcontroller is the key for receiving data, making decision and it displays output.

Heartbeat and temperature are the two significant changes need to be monitored in a patient and hence they both are taken into account.
  • Heartbeat Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Microcontroller
  • RF Module
  • LCD Unit

Have a look into the following list to get an idea for your embedded project,

  • Implementation of internet of things integrate also with body area network for automatic monitoring
  • Designing an electronic walking stick also for elderly care system
  • A new solar assist farming field monitoring system along with the automatic tracking of solar panels
  • Radio Frequency Identification based smart shopping system also for easier billing process
  • A transportation support electronic toll system also for vehicle’s authentication
  • Design and modelling a humanoid robot for the purpose of security children from accidents
  • An advanced weather monitoring system to measure the environmental changes
  • Wireless ZigBee technology for the development of substations over SADA
  • An efficient vehicle accident monitoring system and disseminating the warning message
  • Using IR sensors for the detection of rash vehicle drivers based on the estimation of speed limits
  • An advanced device switching and controlling system based on the recognition of the biometric fingerprint
  • An automatic electric energy meter monitoring and also SMS based bill delivering system
  • Design and implementation of automatic door opening system also by detecting the arrival of human being
  • Ultrasonic sensor based liquid level detection and also status updating system
  • An advanced identification of electricity stealing also using long distance monitoring equipment
  • Development of a bus fair system using prepaid cards
  • A novel two wheeler vehicle tracking system also using the technology of Global Positioning System
  • Designing a line following robotic vehicle also to guide people in tourists spots
  • Utilization of MPPT controller also for efficient water pumping in agricultural fields
Eminent Project topics for you,
  • Industrial workers attendance management system also using the unique Radio Frequency Identification tag
  • An IR sensor based obstacle detection robot also that automatically moves in an obstacle free path
  • DC motor based closed loop operation using PIC controller
  • An efficient elderly persons monitoring also in an indoor environment using body sensors and microcontroller
  • A novel petrol monitoring system and indicating the driver by using the wireless technology RF
  • An intelligent voice controlled robotic vehicle
  • Integration of smart home environment with internet of things for accessing the sense information remotely
  • Automatic four wheeler parking system also using sensor for detecting the empty parking slots
  • A new smart lighting system control also in accordance to the movement of vehicle on the roads
  • Detection of air pollution which is majorly dissipate from vehicles
  • Development of a medicine box to support healthcare integrate with internet of things environment
  • Sensor based plant health monitoring system for the purpose of enriching the crop growth
  • Near field communication based patient monitoring system
  • Design and implementation of RTO surveillance system for traffic light detection system
  • A precision agriculture framework develop using low – cost electronic devices
Preeminent embedded research topics
  • Raspberry Pi also based green leaf detection system
  • An industrial machinery monitoring system also using wireless communication technology
  • Intelligent vide surveillance also based security system
  • Smart helmet development especially also for the coal mine workers to receive warning regarding the harmful gases
  • Aiding disabled persons also with an efficient communication approach
  • Real–time landmine detecting robots also using electronic components

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