Wireless Machine to Machine Health Care Solution using Android Mobile Devices in Global Networks

   Wireless Machine to Machine Health Care Solution using Android Mobile Devices in Global Networks is an embedded kit model designed to assist healthcare platform. Monitoring of a patient’s health using conventional ideas has dealt with certain challenging issues. To breakthrough the common challenges, a convenient Machine to Machine Healthcare environment is proposed. Machine to Machine communication is shortened as M2M that transmits data wirelessly; here it transmits bio–signals sensed from a human body.

Gateway is an intermediate machine that is responsible to receive a sensed data and transmit to other end user via wireless internet connection.

   A Wireless Machine to Machine Health Care Solution using Android Mobile Device in Global Networks is modeled with a variety of electronic devices programmed to sense data and perform communication. In this designed system the data sensed from the body sensor reaches the other end android mobile phone. Using this, a real–time patient monitoring system is attained.

For implementation of this discuss system, we need the following hardware components,
  • Body sensors (Temperature, pressure, heart rate)
  • M2M node
  • M2M Gateway
  • Personal Computer
  • Android Mobile phone

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