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Network security is one of the important domains in cyber security which protects the network infrastructure from unauthorized access and other common attacks. In order to help the graduate, undergraduates or in conducting a personalized project, we provide multiple project concepts which are more relevant and encompass a broad range of topics among network security field:

  1. Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

For supervising the network or system behavior like harmful activities or policy risks, design an IDS (Intrusion Detection System). To detect the patterns which reflect threats and evaluate network traffic, acquire the benefit of ML (Machine Learning) algorithms.

  1. Firewall Implementation

To purify the incoming and outgoing network traffic depending on a group of user-defined regulations, model and execute effective firewall findings. There are multiple kinds of firewalls incorporated in this area like application-level gateways, stateful inspection and packet-filtering.

  1. Secure IoT Communication

There is a necessity for assuring secure communication due to the expansion of IoT devices. For IoT device communication, it engages in formulating secure protocols or secures the IoT devices in opposition to general risks by generating a security environment.

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network) Setup and Analysis

Security features are critically estimated by establishing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server. Configuration of various NPN protocols, examination of structure against diverse network attacks and encryption data transmission are included among these research topics.

  1. Network Vulnerability Scanner

In order to detect the possible risks, design a tool which scans networks. A scanner significantly finds out the misconfigurations which reveal the network to attacks, examines the old-fashioned software version and verifies the open ports.

  1. Wireless Network Security

Regarding secure wireless networks, this project incorporates the execution of WPA security, developing secure access points and securing the network against general wireless attacks such as Wi-Fi deauthentication attacks, Rogue AP and Evil Twin.

  1. Phishing Detection System

Identify the fraudulent websites or email scams by establishing a system with the help of ML (Machine Learning) or heuristic analysis. To detect the probable phishing scams, this research area includes the evaluation of email headers, URL patterns and webpage content.

  1. Blockchain for Network Security

For the purpose of improving network security, examine the application of blockchain technology. Securing DNS with blockchain, blockchain for secure network logging and creating a blockchain-oriented authentication system are encompassed within this project.

  1. Secure File Transfer Protocol

To assure the secrecy and reliability of data as it is transmitted across a network, generate a secure file transfer protocol. It might encompass executing end-to-end encryption and secure authentication algorithms.

  1. DDoS Attack Mitigation System

As considering the actual time, develop a model to identify and reduce the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) hazards. This project mainly intends to secure the network by implementing the productive techniques through exploring the numerous DDoS mitigation algorithms.

  1. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for Secure Communications

A PKI system needs to be executed effectively to promote secure email communication, website validation or document scanning. Creating digital certificates, establishing a CA (Certificate Authority) and synthesization of PKI into communication protocols are included among this project.

  1. Network Security Policy Management Tool

By means of assisting the enterprises in organizing their network policies, develop an efficient tool. Beyond various network devices, it involves creating, progressing and reviewing the security policies.

  1. Analysis of Encryption Algorithms for Network Security

In the environment of network security, this study mainly concentrates on function, usability and security level of the network through carrying out a comparative analysis of diverse encryption methods like ECC, RSA and AES.

  1. Simulating Cybersecurity Attacks and Defenses

To design and simulate various cybersecurity attacks such as ARP spoofing, man-in-the-middle and verify the capability of different defense algorithms, make use of effective network simulation tools.

I’m doing a final year project degree in computer security Can you give me any ideas for the project

Of course we can! Computer security is a rapidly emerging domain that secures data and computer systems from thefts or misuse. For your final year project, we propose numerous concepts within the several classes of computer security:

  1. Cybersecurity Tools Development
  • Custom Intrusion Detection System (IDS): Regarding the certain network frameworks or attack vectors, develop and execute an (Intrusion Detection System) IDS system and enhance the detection accuracy by making use of machine learning algorithms.
  • Phishing Detection Tool: Employ heuristics or machine learning to detect and restrict the phishing scams in actual time through generating a browser extension or email plugin.
  • Vulnerability Assessment Framework: For managing the risk evaluations of web applications like manual testing procedures and autonomous scanning tools, formulate an extensive environment.
  1. Security Analysis & Enhancement
  • IoT Device Security Analysis: Considering a particular group like smart home devices, carry out a security analysis of prevalent IoT devices to detect the general risks and suggest reduction tactics.
  • Enhancing Wireless Network Security: From eavesdropping and illicit access, protect the securing wireless networks by investigating the innovative methods and enhancing the authentication protocols or encryption techniques.
  • Blockchain for Secure Communications: In opposition to restriction and manipulation, develop a localized, secure communication environment by means of analyzing the application of blockchain technology.
  1. Emerging Technologies in Cybersecurity
  • Quantum Cryptography Application: Against quantum computing attacks, protect the communications by generating a prototype or simulation which exhibits its capability and evaluate the standards of quantum cryptography.
  • AI-based Threat Intelligence Platform: For the purpose of avoiding or reducing the cyber-attacks, deploy AI (Artificial Intelligence) to estimate the cyber-attacks from different sources and offer valuable insights.
  • Secure Cloud Storage Using Homomorphic Encryption: Implement homomorphic encryption to model cloud storage findings which improves the secrecy and security as well as enables the data to be operated in encrypted version.
  1. Policy, Compliance, and Ethical Considerations
  • Cybersecurity Policy Framework for SMEs: As per the requirements and resource limitation of (SME) Small and Medium -sized Enterprises, establish an extensive cybersecurity policy environment.
  • GDPR Compliance Tool: According to the standard regulations of GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation) includes security necessities and data privacy, crucially design a tool to assist firms review and organize their adherence.
  • Ethical Hacking Guidelines: To aid enterprises for managing the ethical hacking involves consent, reporting and scope definition, develop a set of procedures and effective techniques.
  1. Education and Awareness
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Game: Considering the certain participants like non-technical adults, children’s and adolescents, educate them about cybersecurity attacks and safe online strategies by generating an educational game or simulation.
  • Digital Forensics Training Platform: To propose practical digital forensics training which involves crime scenarios and research systems, implement an interactive platform.

Network Security Ideas for CSE

Network Security Projects for Research Students

Network Security Projects for Research Students on various diversifications are listed below so hurry up grab yours from our experts’ hands, Choose matlabprojects.org of experts for valuable advice and consultation on a wide array of Network Security Projects for Research Students. We specialize in guiding you towards the right path and direction to embark on at the start of your research journey.

  1. Anomaly detection in cyber security attacks on networks using MLP deep learning
  2. Cyber Security System with FPGA-based Network Intrusion Detector for Nuclear Power Plant
  3. Analyzing and Evaluating Critical Cyber Security Challenges Faced by Vendor Organizations in Software Development: SLR Based Approach
  4. Enhancing Power System Cyber-Security With Systematic Two-Stage Detection Strategy
  5. Digitally Annealed Solution for the Vertex Cover Problem with Application in Cyber Security
  6. OpenStack-Based Evaluation Framework for Smart Grid Cyber Security
  7. The ways in which Artificial Intelligence improves several facets of Cyber Security-A survey
  8. Safety and Security in Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet-of-Things Systems
  9. Cyber Security Risk Analysis and Protection Structure Design for Power Distribution IoT
  10. Analysing Cyber Security Vulnerabilities using Click Jacking and HostHeader Injection
  11. Integration of cyber security frameworks, models and approaches for building design principles for the Internet-of-Things in Industry 4.0
  12. Cyber-security Enhancement of Smart Grid’s Substation Using Object’s Distance Estimation in Surveillance Cameras
  13. Developing a comprehensive substation cyber security and data management solution
  14. A Novel Graphical Security Model for Evolving Cyber Attacks in Internet of Things
  15. Current cyber security threats and challenges in critical infrastructures protection
  16. Cyber Security Risk Assessment of Communication Network of Substation Based on Improved Grey Clustering
  17. A Model-Data Integrated Cyber Security Risk Assessment Method for Industrial Control Systems
  18. A Dynamic Security Control Architecture for Industrial Cyber-Physical System
  19. Cyber security standards and issues in V2X communications for Internet of Vehicles
  20. Improving Cyber Security and Mission Assurance Via Cyber Preparedness (Cyber Prep) Levels

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