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MATLAB Simulink is an environment for multidomain simulations and Model-Based Design for dynamic systems. It is combined with MATLAB and permits users to use MATLAB methods into frameworks as well as export the simulation findings into MATLAB for further analysis.

Simulink does not inherently assist thorough design of deep learning networks the way the MATLAB platform does, but it permits for the combination of trained neural networks within simulation frameworks for system-level identification. Simulink types of projects are increasing now a days while we have PhD experts in MATLAB to solve all scholars research issues. The best support from experts will be given individually.

Here we give how we  utilize neural networks within Simulink:

  1. Train a Neural Network in MATLAB

By incorporating a deep learning toolbox, first we usually define and train our neural network in MATLAB. This could involve:

  • Making our datasets like input-output pairs for supervised learning.
  • Our model describe the construction of the neural networks like number of layers, types of layers, activation functions etc.,
  • The training decisions like learning rate, number of epochs, mini-batch size etc. are configured by us.
  • TrainNetwork is the function that employs to train the network, then for simpler networks we work with the deep learning or Feedforwardnet/patternnet
  1. Export the Trained Network to Simulink

If once our network is trained, we export it to Simulink:

  • To export the trained network to the ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) format that is standard for interchange neural network frameworks, we employ the exportONNXNetwork functions.
  • On the other hand, we create a Simulink framework for a trained network from the Neural Network Toolbox through the employment of gensim functions.
  1. Import the Network into Simulink
  • By incorporating the ‘Import ONNX Network’ functionality we import ONNX network into Simulink. If we employ gensim, the generated Simulink model is used.
  • The deep learning Toolbox converter for ONNX model Format support package is required to import ONNX models.
  1. Set Up the Simulink Model

Use the neural network into a wider simulink framework:

  • Our framework utilizes relevant simulink blocks to preprocess inputs to the network, if essential for instance scaling, normalization.
  • We link the inputs to the neural network blocks.
  • For the use in our system-level simulation, we process the outcomes or for visualization within Simulink.
  1. Simulate and Analyze

To visualize how our neural network achieves within the context of a dynamic system that runs simulations in Simulink. To improve the neural network framework we identify the outcomes and if essential return to MATLAB.

  1. Deployment

           If we design to deploy our Simulink framework for real-time applications, we are required to employ characteristics from Simulink Coder or Embedded Coder that can create C/C++code from Simulink frameworks (involving those with combined neural networks).

Example Use Cases:

  • Control Systems: To forecast control inputs for a nonlinear model, a neural network is utilized by us within a control system planned in Simulink.
  • Signal Processing: We categorize signals or to forecast the future values in a time series, a neural network is to be employed.


  • Our framework incorporates the neural networks in Simulink where we already trained the network and intend to utilize it within a simulation environment.
  • We aim to work within the MATLAB workspace by utilizing the deep learning toolbox for a thorough design, training and identification of neural networks.

For particular commands, illustrations or support packages continuously we refer to the recent documentation from MathWorks, as the characteristics and functionalities of MATLAB and Simulink are frequently updated. By making use of our massive resources, we achieve 100% output of your project.

MATLAB Simulink Neural Network Thesis Ideas

Neural Network Matlab project topics

Gain Neural Network Matlab project topics from leading professionals we share latest and current ideas on MATLAB. Project report will also be provided as per university rules while a clear-cut explanation will be given by our writers.

  1. A neural network processor incorporating multiple on-chip cache memories
  2. Neural network servo control of a robot manipulator joint in real-time
  3. Joint VAr controller implemented in an artificial neural network environment
  4. Wavelet Basis Function Neural Networks for Sequential Learning
  5. A neural network-based control scheme with an adaptive neural model reference structure
  6. FEN (fuzzy expert network) learning architecture; generalization of self-adjusting fuzzy modeling on event-driven acyclic neural networks using expert networks backpropagation learning
  7. Learning rules for multilayer neural networks using a difference approximation
  8. Location and stability of the equilibria of nonlinear neural networks
  9. Neural activities and cluster-formation in a random neural network
  10. Associative memory design for 256 gray-level images using a multilayer neural network
  11. Analog maximum neural network circuits using the switched capacitor technique
  12. Hard-limiting nonlinear functions in artificial neural networks
  13. Global convergence and suppression of spurious states of the Hopfield neural networks
  14. Hardware requirements to digital VLSI implementation of neural networks
  15. Efficient gradient computation for continuous and discrete time-dependent neural networks
  16. Constructive Approximation to Multivariate Function by Decay RBF Neural Network
  17. Absolute stability of asymmetric Hopfield neural network
  18. A functional framework for the specification of artificial neural networks
  19. 4/spl times/4/spl times/2 neural network design using modular neural chips with on-chip learning
  20. Structured learning in feedforward neural networks with application to robot trajectory control

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