Intelligent Highway Police Patrolling System with Speed Sensors for the Vehicles Which Violates Speed Limits

  Intelligent Highway Police Patrolling System with Speed Sensors for the Vehicles which Violates Speed Limits is involved to capture rash drivers. In general the vehicle drivers need to obey speed limit and traffic signals which is a basic rule followed in every city. Breaking this rule is police offence, since violent driving is dangerous for the passengers and other neighboring vehicle drivers.

Usually, the speed limit is varied in accordance to the traffic and location of the roadways.

  An Intelligent Highway Police Patrolling System with Speed Sensors for the Vehicles Which Violates Speed Limits includes combination of traffic signal circuit, vehicle circuit and Regional Transport Office circuit. The traffic signal circuit is constructed using microcontroller connected to relay and LED devices to identify the high speed vehicles. Then the vehicle is equipped with microcontroller connected to LCD and RF receiver. RF transmitter at RTO predicts the vehicle and alarms the speed exceeded information. The LCD monitor is responsible to display vehicle details including number plate and name of the owner.

Hardware Devices Used to Grab Rash Drivers

  • Laser Sensors
  • Radio Frequency modules
  • PIC Microcontroller
  • 8051 Microcontroller
  • LCD Display
  • Relay
  • Infrared LEDs
  • Buzzer

Intelligent Highway Police Patrolling System with Speed Sensors for the VehicleIntelligent Highway Police Patrolling System with Speed Sensors for the Vehicle

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