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We have to keep in mind that the research proposal forms the backbone for the research work and hence it becomes the most important step in the process for conducting the research work.

In order to write a clean format of research proposal we have to refer the research papers based on our research topic. For reference we have to use only the standard research papers of recent years.

While reading the recent year’s research journals we have to critically analyze the exact solution that was mentioned in that corresponding research paper and also we should find out the gaps that was absent in the existing reference research paper.

A research proposal needs to show how our research work will have the significance and implications in various sectors.

Tips for the preparation research proposal:

Our preparation includes the ways to be practical with the implications of our research topic, we should be persuasive in explaining on our research topic.

We must ensure that we should always have the border links with the existing research works. We have to always aim for having the crystal clarity and protrude meaning of all the information’s that we are going to mention in our research proposal.

A research proposal is essentially a proposed solution to an existing problem that is going to be excavated with novelty. The Elements of a good research proposal are

  1. It is important that we address the problem in our research proposal.
  2. It is how we propose to solve the problem that we addressed.
  3. It is about what we have done so far in gathering the related information’s.
  4. Why we are confident and why we are able to achieve the rest according to the process of our research work that we are going to undertake

By describing the topic elaborately in our research proposal we can find the process of research work easy. We have to enhance that our chosen topic should provide newer information and benefits to this world.

As the researchers we should be balanced with the realistic understanding of the research problems and the research solutions. We should always have the connectivity with our research findings and with the actual world in order to relate the things easier.

Our research proposal must not only demonstrate that it is based on an intelligent understanding of the concepts said in the existing research alone but also our research proposal should contain the information about conducting each stage of research work.

In the introduction part our research proposal should have the initial pitch of our idea that we are going to propose. The introduction of our research proposal should cultivate the interest in the readers to read about our topic and our research proposal.

Introduction of our research work should convey the reader about what the research that we are going to do and should bring the necessities of the study of conducting the research work. Our research proposal introduction should specify our passion for this topic.

Some questions in our mind that can be used to assess the significance of the study are:

  1. What interest that we get in the domain of our interest?
  2. What information do we already know about our topic of the research work?
  3. What has not been answered in the previous research?
  4. How this research work is going to add the knowledge in this research area?

The last two questions can be explained in the separate section of elaborately speaking about the evaluation of the topic, the background and the significance of the topic.

Introduction should contain the hypothesis behind the research design. That is the research proposal should identify the unexplained factor from the existing research paper.

If the hypothesis cannot be constructed, the line of inquiry to be used in the research must be indicated in order to speak on the unspecified factors of the previous research papers.

Ways to produce the exclusive research proposal:

We have to refer the available recent year’s research articles to collect the scientific evidence that is pertaining to the topic our interest.  It is very challenging for the researchers to include all the related data in our proposal review.

In this era of digitization enormous amount of relevant data are available and we have to keenly analyze the available data and selectively handpick the required data from them.

We can progress the review from the more general to the more focused data alone. By gathering all the focused data of the existing studies we can formulate the exclusive data in our research proposal.

We have to move forward with explaining about the aim and the objective of our research work in the research proposal work. By writing the aim of research we can indicate the purpose that we are focusing to achieve in getting progress with our research work.

The unspecified data of the previous study that is needed to be developed can be the aim of our research work. The parameters or the methods that are going to be used in implementing our research aim will be mentioned as the objectives in our research proposal.

Demonstrating the problem statement in our research proposal work is crucial as it sets the stage for the entire study. We have to consider several key problems and their solutions in the research proposal.

The key problems and their solutions we must identify the core problem and their solutions. From this core problem we have to process to produce our proposal work. The proposal work is implemented with several parameters.

It is very important for us to highlight our core problem and solution with the reference of the referred papers in order to set as assert for the proof reading and specify the exclusive solution in our research proposal.

Our research proposal should full and full contain our own knowledge with the mention of proper indication of proofs from where we had gathered our information’s. Indicating the proofs we can make use of the mentioned proofs throughout the whole research journey.

By concentrating more in framing our research proposal we can start doing our research work with full of efficiency with the knowledge of all the above mentioned details of writing an effective research proposal.

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