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Thesis is nothing but a long form of essay or assignment which is done by a student, but the only difference is that you can work on thesis independently by choosing a topic which has more of your interest. Thesis writing is considered as the difficult and longest process of a student career.

If you understand how to write a thesis then your research journey can be much smoother. This article will provide you with some tips to help you with writing a quality thesis with more focus fully.

Step 1: Understand what a Dissertation or Thesis is

A thesis is simply a part of your research program which reflects your research method. It is not a piece in which you argue with someone to accept your point of view. The research procedure includes four main processes:

>> Come out with a question related to your topic of research.

>> See what others say or think about it.

>> If you are not satisfied with the response came from the then start analyzing and collet data by yourself.

>> Try to give a solution to the question which you raised at starting with the help of your investigation.

Step 2: Select a Unique and Valuable topic

The very first step of doing research is to frame a well-articulated and very clear question. You have to choose a specific topic and area of research to find a research question. You can follow the below mentioned tips to choose a better research topic:

  1. Clear: The research question you choose should clearly state three main things, what research you are going to do? What you are going to learn from that? And how you are going to learn that? There should not be any confusion in between which can disturb the research.
  2. Unique: the research you are going to conduct should be unique, that should answer a question which was not addressed earlier.
  3. Important: Your research should not only be unique and original but it should also add on more values and knowledge to the field in which you are doing research.

Step 3: Come up with a Compelling Research Proposal

If you have come up with a valuable research topic or question, for further conducting research on it you should get approval from your university. For getting permission you have to craft a research proposal which can be used as a tool to get approval. Your research proposal should have the following details:

>> You should have a clear, unique and important topic.

>> You should have collected some data by doing preliminary research from existing literature based on your topic.

>> You should have your methodology for collecting data and analyzing it.

Step 4: Write a Strong Introduction Chapter

Once your proposal got approved then now you can move on to writing your thesis. The proposal you crafter will serve as an outline for first three sections of your research that is the introduction part, literature review part and the methodology part.

How will the opening chapter help you?

>> It holds the summary of whole research along with its objective.

>> It has a problem statement which should explain the gap you addressed in current research.

>> It should describe the research question with problem you addressed.

>> How will your research contribute to the enhancement of current knowledge in that particular field?

Step 5: Undertake an in-depth Literature Review

In this stage of the thesis that is doing literature review you have to do a deep search in the current research trend and should prepare a literature review section. Below mentioned is the two main process of conducting a literature review:

  1. Reading up: You have to go through all the literature available completely to understand about the current trend in research related to your topic. Reading and understanding the whole topic is time consuming and difficult process. You have to put a meaningful effort for this step to do it in a better way but many of the beginners are underestimating this process. You should make sure to schedule your time properly while doing the study.
  2. Writing up: When you complete reading your literature now you have to write your literature review. You have to follow the three things which are mentioned below to draft a good literature review:

>> You should not write it just like a summary, you have to collect all the available research works related to it and write that in a brief. You must know about the similarities and disagreements between various literatures.

>> You have to find a research gap from the existing literature which you will frame as a research question and do research to provide a solution for it.

>> You have to find your research methodology based on the reviewing of literature.

Step 6: Conduct your Own Research

When you are clear with the information on existing literature research, now you can move on to doing your research work. The main motive of your research should be giving solution for the problem which you addressed. You have to choose a methodology and have a research strategy.

  1. Create a research strategy: The first step of doing research is to choose methodology and plan strategy for research. This methodology chapter will teach you about how you are going to conduct the research. You will have answer for why and what for you are doing research from the literature review and introduction chapter.
  2. ExecuteCollect your data and analyze it: When you are preparing for your research work and start collecting data for it, you have to follow various techniques like conducting interviews or asking an online poll question. It is a time consuming process, so schedule it accordingly. After collecting all the required data you have to organize it before analyzing it.

Step 7: Make a Presentation for your Findings

Now after completing all your research work now you have to present them. In your thesis paper you have to write about your findings in two sections that is the result and discussion.

Difference between discussion and result section

Both the discussion and result sections are unique even though they both talk about the research findings. The result section just presents the clear and near data which is processed without any further explanation. The discussion section explains about the result obtained in detail. In some of the universities these two sections may be combined to form only one section, go through the guidelines of your university to know about it. In that section you have to present your research result in a brief and easily understandable way.

Step 8: Make conclusion and talk about the ramifications

You have to conclude your thesis in this section with highlighting the key findings and also write about the limitations in it.

The key findings are the important discoveries that give answer to your research question and the goal of your study. And you should also discuss about the new perspective your research findings gave to the particular field.

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