Fuzzy Logic Based Projects

Fuzzy Logic Based Projects

The goal of fuzzy logic is formalization of modes of reasoning that are more or less exact to near values. Fuzzy system has its beginning in ancient Greek philosophy. It is an option to traditional of set membership and logic.

Control System parts in Fuzzy Logic Based Projects

  • A consequent block
  • An antecedent block

It is apt to state the term as ‘fuzzy’ as an image of boundary zone. The theory of fuzzy logic begins with fuzzy set. A set where its boundary is not clearly defined is fuzzy set. The method of equating the mapping from an input to output using fuzzy logic is fuzzy inference. The membership functions are connected with terms which appear in antecedents or consequents of rules .In rules based application of fuzzy logic objective of membership functions:

  • Easy to calculate and fit to the problem
  • With parameters that are meaningful, with membership and operators closely connected
  • On a theoretical basis
  • Easy to calculate and fit to the problem
  • With a linearised form for the applications

Singleton pattern supports a global point of access to assure a class only at one place .From compiles time type inference Runtime singleton argument is determined. Various way to meet or control and classify problem are stated in fuzzy logic

Use of Singletons in Fuzzy Logic Based Projects

To any class is applicable.

Lazy evaluation.

Cross platform.

By derivation it is created.

The operations that operate or units below the level of words are lexical operations. There must be no manifestation or syntactical stratum or signs.

A road map of whole fuzzy inference process is displayed in rule viewer. Each column is a variable and every rule is a low of plots. Fuzzy logic toolbox and Simulink in Matlab software is being used to construct a simulation system of fuzzy logic controller for water tank level control by applying simulation package. In most of the systems it is highly complex where the attitude can be laid by set of rules that are imprecise and depend on linguistic terms laden with uncertainty. Fuzzy logic based projects are supported to academic students. We update the fuzzy logic based projects title from the Elsevier journal which has high impact factor by make use of current technologies .fuzzy logic based projects are provided to the students and PhD scholars.