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Ethernet and CAN Interface for Industrial Automation is construct for adapting all the recently emerging technologies into the field of industrial automation. Industries are equip with machineries and robots that are operate autonomously. However, they are function by themselves based on the programming; they need to be monitor manually.

Manual monitoring is not applicable and hence an Ethernet and CAN Interface for Industrial Automation system is develop. Embedded system design is enable to perform communication with the industrial automation system by means of internet to connect remotely. Ethernet is used for the purpose of internet connectivity which transmits the arrive messages through internet.

As per this system model, sensors are deploy in an industrial infrastructure to measure the variations of the surrounding and intimate the changes frequently.

In case of emergency, the messages are immediately notify and a buzzing alarm can ring up to alert the workers present in the industry. The programs for this industrial automation system is written and fed into the hardware devices whose functionalities are test via operating the kit model.

Majorly Used Hardware Devices in Industrial Automation System

  • Microcontroller
  • Sensor
  • Ethernet
  • CAN Bus Interface
  • Personal Computer

Let us give you a gist of embedded topics before we end this page,

Ethernet and CAN Interface for Industrial Automation
  • An internet of things assisted smart shopping system
  • Development of a precision agriculture integrated with the technology of internet of things
  • An advanced crop monitoring system for autonomous farm field irrigation decision making system
  • Design and implementation of waste management system to maintain a clean city
  • An efficient patient monitoring system who are affected by dengue
  • Design and implementation of farm field monitoring system
  • Utilization of sensor nodes for the development of home automation system in an internet of things
  • Design and implementation of smart parking system under the technology of internet of things
  • A medicine box designed to manage correct intake of tablets for elderly persons
  • Microcontroller based plant health monitoring system to ensure their growth
  • Novel garbage monitoring system based on the estimation of weights of the garbage bins
  • A new cattle monitoring system using sensors
Novel topics in embedded projects
  • Development of real time infant cry detection with immediate buzzer to alert parents
  • Internet of things supported military soldier’s health monitoring and location tracking system
  • Utilization of a machine learning system to detect old people fall and report to the care giver
  • Low – energy consuming multi sensor system developed to assist agriculture
  • Design and implementation of a nuclear power plant system also using android application
  • Using ultrasonic sensors also for the detection of alive human being struggling in a natural disaster
  • Radio Frequency Identification technology also based student attendance system
  • 8051 microcontroller based visitor counting system
  • Optimized power generation system also by tracking the solar panel with respect to the light intensity
Let have a look for embedded based recent topics,
  • Development of a robot design also using microcontroller and controlled with Global System also for Mobile communication technology
  • Design and implementation of fingerprint based electronic voting system
  • An electronic notice board built also using the combination of microcontroller and GSM module
  • Using Arduino microcontroller also based traffic signal controlling system based on the determination of density
  • Autonomous glowing of streetlights also by detecting the vehicle movements on the roadways
  • Arduino based DC motor controlling system
  • Development of 8051 based digital voltmeter and also view measurements on LCD unit
  • 8051 microcontroller with ultrasonic sensor also to predict the distance of the object
  • Wireless power transfer to charge electrical vehicles
  • Integration of body area network with wireless fidelity also for efficient health monitoring using ZigBee technology
  • Involvement of GSM and GPS technology to track and also authenticate the vehicle using the fingerprint
  • Development of a smart walking stick design also to aid visually disabled person
  • Novel tracking system in solar also using two – axis
  • Controlling railway gates without a labor also for minimizing accidents
  • Advanced water level indicating system also to avoid water overflow from tanks
  • Utilization of DTMF technology also in the design of home automation system to control home appliances
  • Unmanned vehicle driving system
  • RF signal based vehicle speed controlling system also by reducing the acceleration
  • RFID technology also based long range communication

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