DIP Projects in Matlab


Collection of functions that extend the ability of MATLAB numeric computing environment is Image processing Toolbox. Matlab language make image processing operations elegant to state in simple and neat manner by providing ideal software prototyping environment by offering an answer to image processing problems.DIP projects in matlab are updated from the reputed journal IEEE which has high impact factor. We develop DIP projects in matlab for B.E/B.Tech students.

A digital image has huge array of discrete dots which has associated brightness on it where the dots are referred as picture elements. Representing objects or meaningful part of the object is the theme of image segmentation. Presence of noise in the image is the major problem of image segmentation.Two dimensional images with digital values of finite image sei is represented in digital image called pixels or picture elements.

Major tasks of DIP Projects in Matlab:

  • Transmission and representation for autonomous machine image data for storage purpose.
  • Pictorial information is improved for human interpretation


 DIP Projects in Matlab – Steps:

  • Output are attributes which is extracted from the images in one method
  • Input and output are images in the method.

DIP Projects in Matlab – Stages:

Image Acquisition:

Art of retrieving an image from the original form.

Image Restoration:

It equates data errors such as noise and geometric distributions during the recording, playback and scanning task.

Image Enhancement:

To create an impact on the viewer the modification of an image. Enhancement is not carried out until restoration processes are over as it distorts the original digital value.

Object Recognition:

For specifying object in digital image or video.

Morphological Processing:

Collection of non-linear operations related to feature of the image.

Image Compression:

Without degrading the quality of the image, minimizing the size in bytes of a graphical file.


Process of dividing a digital image to various segments.

Color Image Processing:

Where various color shades can be distinguished. In medicine and environment field DIP has its uses.

 Environment Includes,


Forest fires.


 Medicine Includes,

  • Scanning images(MRI,CT)