Digital Projects

Digital Projects 

Digital Projects in Matlab can be grouped as DIP Projects and DSP Projects. DIP Projects stands for Digital Image Processing Projects.DSP Projects stands for Digital Signal Processing Projects.


Digital image Processing means Processing digital images using digital computer.DIP Projects mainly concentrates  on computer algorithms which performs processing over a digital image.The  applications of DIP Projects are widely found in remote sensing,robotics,forensics,photography and medical imaging.Its main target is to achieve a high resolution and its characteristics from its original image.DIP Projects uses five different technique such as Projection,Classification,Feature extraction,Multi-scale signal Analysis,Pattern recognition.


Digital image processing projects using matlab

Digital Image Processing Projects using Matlab acts as vital tool in Matlab Image Processing. By using wider range of algorithm indigital image processing projects using matlab, buildup of noise and signal distortion can be overcome with many key features.

Latest Key Features in Digital Image Processing Projects using Matlab 

  • Image thresholding with expanded coverage.
  • Gray scale morphology, morphological reconstruction and advanced morphological algorithms.
  • Latest coverage in computerized tomography.
  • Advanced coverage of marr-Hildreth and canny edge detection algorithms.

The function imread (‘filename’) used in matlab to read DIP images.



DSP Projects 

Digital signal processing (DSP) has developed to be important, both technologically and theoretically. The major reason for its success in industry is its growth and low-cost for software and hardware.hardware algorithms are used in new technologies and applications in many fields.DSP Projects are used in various applications like Image enhancement,Image Recognition,Speech Recognition,Speech Recognition,Noise Reduction and Audio enhancement. Due to the above reason the electrical and computer engineer’s with DSP background demand is raised. Hence it is important to make DSP Projects plays as an integral part of any electrical engineering field.Digital Signal processing application area have developed instantly now a day’s parallel to the development of powerful and low-cost processing circuits and low price of computer memory. This leads to number of new applications which includes handheld communication devices and multimedia delivery along with the convergence of telecommunication technologies and computer.

 Digital Projects


Digital Signal Processing(DSP) has become a common tool for many fields. These techniques are needed for all departments of natural and social sciences which have data acquisition, analysis and management like engineering physics, chemistry, meteorology, financial, social services and information systems.

Signals are in digital form it is very convenient and abstract representation which is powerful and simple. Hence this does not cover us form the “outside” world which is best modeled by analog paradigm. The speed and complexity of available Digital Signal Processing(DSP) devices are improve which allows digital techniques to be stretched out in number of new areas.

Properties of Digital Processing Systems:

  • It is easy to connect between high level information and low level digital processing.
  • Power and flexibility of discrete time processing System.
  • Regenerability of a digital signal.

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