Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB PROJECTS

Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB PROJECTS

Digital image is a image which contains many set of digital values. These digital values are called picture elements or pixels. Pixel values represent heights, colors, opacities, grey levels etc. Digital Image Processing using matlab projects is considered as a big subjects which is mathematically complex but the core idea behind it is very simple, that is compression of image data. compressing of image is done to achieve efficient usage of transmission bandwidth. Digital image processing using matlab projects are used for processing, display,storage, acquisition and printing images DIP deals with digital images using Digital computer.

Methods used in Digital image processing using Matlab projects

  • Wavelets
  • Self organizing maps
  • Neural networks
  • Partial differential equations
  • Widen markov models
  • Anisotropic diffusion
  • Pixilation
  • Principal component analysis
  • Linear filtering
  • Independent component analysis

 It focuses mainly on object recognition, edge enhancement, segmentation, image understanding and edge detection

object recognition:

            it is the process of finding out objects models from the image obstructed objects from the image can also be recognized.

edge enhancement

            this technique is very important which deals with and lineaments of the image.


            It means segmenting a image into connected regions like shape, grey value, texture, motion and color.

Image understanding:

            It is understanding the clear view of the recognized objects.

Edge detection:

            It is the most widely used technique for the detection oj discontinuities in intensity values.

  Digital image processing using matlab projects concentrates lot on technique, algorithm and methods for easy processing of image. In a video the formation of the picture information is digitalized spatially and temporally, and so the resultant pixel intensities are in quantized form.

Advantages of Digital Image Processing using matlab projects

Processing of image is cost-effective and faster.

Processing of image is more ecological.

By seeing the image , we can easily identify whether the image is good or not.

Copy of image remains good unless it is compressed.

 Most of the students and research scholars implement DIP projects based on MATLAB. There are  many detection is a common task undergone for identifying different types of objects in the image and then distance between hurdles and robots are calculated.