Cryptography Matlab Projects are developed for engineering students and also research scholars.  Cryptography is the process of hiding or covering data or information’s. More number of applications are used the cryptography technology based projects. The applications are fax and e-mail communication, bank account security, PINs, bank transactions, passwords and credit card transactions. These applications are processed on the web.

    Cryptography Matlab Projects are created under the types of cryptography techniques named as hash functions, secret key functions and public key functions.  In secret key cryptography a single key can be processed. Encrypting the message with a single key and the encrypted message should not view in understandable manner. In hash function, one way hash functions are used for creating hash function without the usage of any key. Hash functions are also called as message digests it can also be provide the digital fingerprint of files for secure transmission from the intruders. In public key cryptography we have to use different keys for both sender and receiver side. It is also known as asymmetric key cryptography.

    Cryptography Matlab projects are developed for an important goals. The goals presented in the cryptography functions are described in detailed manner. The first service of cryptography is confidentiality it prevents the original information from the unauthorized person’s. Second, authentication is the process of identification of end users. Third, integrity does not encourage the alteration of the original content. Finally, Non-repudiation it protect the previous activities and information’s.

 Cryptosystem is used to analyze the how the encryption algorithm process should work under simple or complex manner. Usually, encryption algorithm uses key space. It occupies the total key space for creating the random keys. In case the small key space could be used for creating a key it has the smaller key value. The transmission between two peoples the eavesdropper should try to view the original image but it does not show to the eavesdropper it looks like unreadable format. In case if the eavesdropper can hack the message it could be unusable. 

 Cryptography encryption ciphers are classified into two types. There are

  • Substitution Cipher
  • Transposition Cipher

     Substitution ciphers are deals with many formats. It can be substitute with bits, blocks of character with different bits and also characters. In transposition cipher the original content cannot be replaced with several texts. It just moves nearer by the original text. There are two kinds of ciphers used in symmetric key cryptographic ciphers like stream and block. The stream ciphers always works under the stream of bytes or bits. In block ciphers, the static size of block can be used for encryption and decryption processes.