Cryptography Based Projects are created for maintain data integrity of transferring data’s within a network. Cryptography is to understand the mathematical techniques and information security under the properties of authentication, confidentiality and integrity. Services of cryptography mainly focus two processes. There are authentication and data integrity.


Data Integrity: Does not change or modify the content which presented in the original.

Authentication: Related to person’s identification.

   Cryptography based projects are developed under the platform of Matlab. Matlab simulation tool should accept the images and does the encryption process with the help of any text format. Same process can be followed in decryption process. The main goal of cryptography presents four effective concepts. There are

  • Non-Repudiation
  • Authentication
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality

  Cryptography based projects are comes under the types of cryptography. Three main types are Public-key cryptography, Hash Function and Symmetric-key cryptography. Hash function always represented in the type of one-way hash function. These hash functions perform the roles of integrity check, message digest, manipulation detection code and fingerprint checksum. Hash function operation should support the processes of encryption. Encryption of hash function may be declared by Message Authentication Code (MAC) and Data Authentication Code (DAC).

 Security attack based projects are developed under cryptographic techniques. Some of the attacks to be detected using cryptographic functions and algorithms are followed. Security attacks are interruption, fabrication, interception, modification, active attacks and passive attacks. Passive attacks are traffic analysis and release of message content. Active attacks are replay, Denial-of-service, masquerade and modification of message. Algorithms used for cryptographic techniques based applications. The algorithms are having some structure also. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm should have the structure of substitution-permutation network. The DES algorithm has works under the structure of Balanced Feistel Network.  RC2 algorithm had the structure of Source-heavy Feistel Network. Skipjack has the structure of Unbalanced Feistel Network.

     Advantages of cryptography based Projects

Any one of the algorithm can works simple in nature.

Provide more security.

Easy to perform CRC checking.

Small amount of data processing steps are in easy way.

   Cryptography based projects are additionally required the processes of compression. Using compression process we have to give more security to the data which can be transferred in the network. Sometimes the cryptography method can be combined to the process of steganography. The alphabets spitted in the cryptography technique are covered by some images. Those type of combined security process also done using matlab.