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Of course, there are various simulators to simulate the D2D communication. Here, we have enlisted the most significant simulation software that used for simulating D2D communication. In addition, Matlab is supportive for the D2D communication process.

Firstly, let’s start with the keynotes about simulating D2D communication along with the utilization of OMNeT++. The LTE based D2D communication is performed through using below mentioned codes in .ini configuration file.

  • Communication among UE nodes as per the types of Alertsender and AlertReceiver

*.ueD2D[0].app[*].typename = “AlertSender”

*.ueD2D[0].app[*].localPort = 3088+ancestorIndex(0)

*.ueD2D[0].app[*].startTime = uniform(0s,0.02s)

*.ueD2D[0].app[*].stopTime = 4.9s

*.ueD2D[0].app[*].destAddress = “”

*.ueD2D[0].app[*].destPort = 1000

*.ueD2D[1..2].app[*].typename = “AlertReceiver”

*.ueD2D[1..2].app[*].localPort = 1000

  • Communication among UE nodes and eNodeB based on types LteNicEnbD2D and LteNicEnbD2D

*.eNB*.nicType = “LteNicEnbD2D”

*.ueD2D*[*].nicType = “LteNicUeD2D”

**.amcMode = “D2D”

In addition, we can perform LTE D2D communication in Matlab through the utilization of modelling Sidelink communication pools and PSCCH Period with LTE toolbox. For your ease, we have highlighted the code that is used to create the relationship among the configuration parameters and SL-CommResourcePool message.

period = PSCCHPeriod



period.Config.DuplexMode = ‘TDD’;



configuration = PSCCHPeriod.defaultConfig(1,’5MHz’)

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