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What is big data? How to implement apache big data projects?  On the internet, various data are generated and this is denoted as big data in addition through online activities on the internet hundreds of GB of data. The online activities include images, email, web activities, text, social network activity, blogs, audio and video files, etc.

What is the apache framework?

The framework of apache Hadoop is to expand the servers which means single servers to thousands of machines and all of these provide the local storage and computation. The apache Hadoop is based on the software library that permits the large data sets distributed process through the computer clusters along with simple programming models.

Why a big data project?

Big data projects are essential to solve the issues such as real-time analytics, predictive analysis, volume challenges, etc. the issues can be solved through novel technologies, techniques, and software.

Why is Apache so popular?

Apache is one of the open source software that is established and regulated through a massive set of global volunteers. In addition, apache is familiar due to its functions such as it is free to use and download for all. Atlantic.Net. is one of the web hostings which provide commercial support for apache.

How does Hadoop help with big data?

Hadoop is based on the framework of open source software which is used for the functions of applications and data storage in the clusters of commodity hardware. In addition, it offers massive processing power, the capability to regulate boundless tasks virtually, and the process of storing huge volumes of data of various kinds.

Which software is used for Hadoop?

  • Distributed computing
  • Reliability
  • Scalability

The above mentioned are the significant functions of apache Hadoop and it is enhanced able through its open source framework. Significantly, the software library of apache Hadoop is used to permit distributed processing through simple programming models of apache big data projects and computer clusters.

What is the use of apache Hadoop?

  • It is used to store massive data sets, the size varies from petabytes to gigabytes of data
  • Multiple computers are used to analyze the enormous data sets as a speed process
  • In place of one large computer, apache Hadoop is using various clustering computers to store and process the data

How does apache Hadoop work?

The massive amount of unstructured data is stored and processing through the framework of apache Hadoop the size of data varies from terabytes to petabytes. HDFS is used to store an enormous amount of data as the distribution method. The data is processed in parallel through one of the processing units in Hadoop namely Hadoop MapReduce. We assist research scholars in designing big data master thesis topics.

Big data project implementation – Phases

  • Initially, planning
    • Global strategy elaboration
  • Next, the plan implementation
    • Data collection
    • Data processing
    • Smart data analysis
    • Representation and visualization
  • Finally, post-implementation
    • Actionable and timely insights extraction
    • Evaluation

The above mentioned are three major phases in the big data project implementation. Our research experts have years of experience in this research field, through the experience above denoted significant phases in implementing apache big data projects. The following is about the workflow of apache big data project implementation.

  • Global strategy elaboration
    • Some changes are required in the initial stage
    • The changes such as the formation of novel technological structures, innovative techniques to harness and data process
  • Data collection
    • It is considered the first and foremost step in the big data project
    • It is used to provide some identifications of new sources for research
  • Social networks
    • The data is functional through the distinct grants and proposed APIs
    • Used to store a massive amount of data
  • Crowdsourcing
    • It is recently developed and acts as the finest data collection solution
    • It is used to collect a huge amount of data on large scale and it is the challenging task
  • Open data
    • The data sets are created and available in public through the
      • Organizations
      • Private companies
      • Public institutions
  • Data preprocessing
      • It is essential to place the data analysis process to state the inadequate data which is collected
      • There are various formats of data which includes redundancies, mistakes, etc.
      • The operation ranges of data preprocessing are listed below
        • Data discretization
          • It is used to renovate the persistent substances and features
          • In addition, it denoted as the significant phase in the data reduction
        • Data transformation
          • It is used to transform the collected data formats toward the target data system format
        • Data integration
          • It accumulates data from various sources such as files, databases, etc.
        • Data cleaning
          • It is used to extract the inappropriate values
  • Smart data analysis
    • It is used to extract the data values in the data sets
  • Representation and visualization
    • It is used to regulate the analysis process and provide the finest outcomes
    • The standard dashboards and charts are assisted by the software packages to the simple data depiction
  • Actionable and timely insights
    • It is used to extract the big data sectors from open sources
  • Evaluation of big data projects
    • The expected results, quality of data, and the various data inputs range are included in the evaluation process
  • Storage
    • Hadoop is the finest open source MapReduce implementation
    • MapReduce model is implemented by the NoSQL databases

How to Implement Apache Big Data Projects

What are the challenges of using Hadoop?

  • Hand coding integration among the various indulgent technologies
  • The various collection of open source projects is called Hadoop and it is a complex distributed system along with the low-level APIs
  • It is impossible to test the end-to-end solution as the automatic process


Apache Hadoop programming with Maven and NetBeans prerequisites

  • Operating system
    • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Dependencies for Maven
    • Hadoop core
    • Hadoop Common
  • Prerequisites
    • Java8
    • Mvn 3.3.9
    • Install Hadoop 2.7.3
    • IDE: NetBeans 8.2
    • Install Maven
    • Command: Sudo apt-get install maven

In general, Hadoop common is termed as the common libraries and utility collection which is sued to assist the Hadoop modules and is also called Hadoop core. In the apache Hadoop framework, it is considered the required module and in addition to the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS), Hadoop MapReduce, and Hadoop YARN.

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