For electrical and electronics engineering departments Renewable Energy Projects are being developed for the academic students. Power electronics systems must be extremely consist able and must effective. The energy that is obtained from natural resources is renewable energy such as solar heat, rain, tides, waves, wind that are formed naturally.Renewable Energy Projects UK are developed for UK students Renewable Energy Projects UK, we update current technologies and paper title from ISI journal which has high impact factor.

To change the current electric grid to next generation grid power electronics plays an important role. Future electric utility systems will be self adjustable, highly automated, to meet the needs for electricity reliably, securely, and economically.

Increase Energy Consumption:

  • More Production.
  • More People.
  • More Equipment.
  • Higher living standard.


Flow of power control:

  • Active filters.
  • Fault current limiting devices.
  • Solid state distribution transformation.
  • Transfer switches and solid state circuit breakers.
  • Flexible alternate current transmission system.
  • High voltage direct converter stations.
  • Static volt ampere reactive compensators.

A common demand of RES is to convert energy to grid based on characteristics of renewable energy. From the change of wind turbine power converters renewable energy projects can be noted and has changed non-power-electronics based topologies to full scale power concerters with power ratings of individual wind time increasing. By imposing specific grid requirement RES’S continuous to grow.

Power Electronics is using of technology for transmission, effective generation, management and distribution of electrical energy.

Requirements of Renewable Energy Projects:


Advanced power electronics circuit and control systems.

Smaller sized and low weight for power electronics supplies where there is an increase demand.

Expanding market demand for power electronic systems.

 Matlab simulation of solar cells and panels electrical characteristics are developed and solar cells and panels are created.Important use of renewable energy project is micro-inverters. To connect each solar panel new option for using solar system effectively and reliability  is by the use of micro-inverters.