Projects on Wireless Communication


Projects on Wireless Communication has three major categories.The areas that are rapidly increasing in Electrical Engineering  field is wireless communications.Projects on Wireless Communication  is  fastest growing in the department of the communications industry.Anywhere within a campus wireless networks can be used to connect a palm top,desktop,or a laptop.It collects the information exchange among people or devices among the communications center within a few decades as it was previously exists.


Projects on Wireless Communication – Area

  • Wireless LAN
  • Pagers
  • Cellular Phone
  • Cordless Phone
  • Hand-held walkie-talkie

           The first,second,third and fourth generation of networks are possessed  by the wireless communication systems.High user-data rates and multipath diversity has wide carrier bandwidth of WCDMA. Radio waves penetrates from a transmitting antenna and pass by free space undergoing absorption,reflection,refraction,diffraction and scattering.

          Relevant division by using the two radio-channels such as analog and digital.Forward channel refers the base station to mobile user where as mobile user to base station states the reverse channel.

        By formulating an ordinary communication system and deriving a bit error rate.Discrete time equivalent system is relevant to truly system that carry’s out only the discrete-time signals and combinations.

Wireless channel statistical features are as follows
  • Doppler spectrum
  • Spread in delay
  • Coherence band width
  • Coherence time

Some of the Top-Down design of the RF receiver are as follows:
  • Entire communication chain models.
  • Applying top-down approach in receiver model.
  • Analysing the specification at every step
  • Conducting model facility and encouraging speed.

Some of the merits of wireless communications using matlab are as follows:
  • Random design iterations
  • Minimise design errors
  • What-if studies
  • Independent categories and differentiators.
  • Reducing hand coding mistakes.
  • Inside and outside
  • Unambiguous communication
  • Minimise costly physical prototypes
  • Reduce the re-work.
  • Framing it correct the first time.

Wireless system have three characteristics they are:
  • Framing of discrete –time equivalent system
  • Describing the system by constructing the parameters
  • By framing as the other scenaries that are easily grouped by paramaterizing the simulation.
  • Grouping of statistics from the frequent simulation.

The gathered signal collected is followed in Rayleigh distribution for NLOS and so the fading effect is simulated by using built in Rayleigh channel fading uses in MATLAB.By using matlab functions one can also handle out power-Delay profile and Doppler spectrum for channel classification for cellular mobile Communication.