Rigorous Sensor Model Without GCPs

Rigorous Sensor Model Without GCPs

Extensive applications of Zi-Yuan 3 (ZY-3) satellite imagery of China have commenced since its on-orbit test was finished. Most of the data areprocessed scene by scene with a few ground control points (GCPs) for each scene; this conventional method is mature and widely used all over the world. However, very little work has focused on its application to super large area blocks. This letter aims to study mapping applications without GCPs for a super large area, which is defined as a range of interprovincial or even nationwide areas.

The automatic matching and bundle block adjustment (BBA) software developed by our research team are applied to deal with two blocks of ZY-3 three-line camera imagery which covers most of the provinces in eastern China. Our comparison analysis of different data processing methods and the geolocation accuracies of the overlapped areas between adjacent strips are presented in this letter, as well as the possibility of nationwide BBA. The preliminary test results show that multistrip BBA without GCPs can achieve accuracies of about 13-15 m in both planimetry and height, which means that nationwide BBA is considered practical and feasible.


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