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PROJECTS ON CRYPTOGRAPHY       Projects on cryptography can be implemented for securely transmitting information’s between two parties (sender and receiver). Cryptography is the process of converting plain text into cipher text at the sender with the help of substitution methods and ciphering algorithms and converting cipher text into plain […]

Projects on Cryptography

PROJECTS IN CRYPTOGRAPHY Projects in Cryptography are developed for providing security in much kind of applications like military, crime detection and cloud process. Generally, cryptography is the secret written of art for some critical situation. Important service behind in the cryptography should thwart transmission of data between persons. In a […]


MATLAB DSP PROJECTS The task that deals with the measurement of signal properties is called signal analysis. This operation is commonly a frequency domain operation. The digital signal is used for developing its performance in several applications. Speaker verification Speech recognition Spectrum (frequency and /or phase) analysis Target detection. Signal-in […]

Matlab DSP Projects

PROJECTS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING   The important processes in signal processing Reconstruction Sampling   Recovering the original signal from sampled signal in which analyzes in frequency domain is made easier and simpler is reconstruction. The independent variable denotes time to modify terminology and notation which assume that unless noted. Statistical […]

Projects on Signal Processing

Signal Processing Projects in Matlab A physical quantity which carries ideas is a signal. A steps or operation to meet its end is processing when the value of signal is through a continued time it is termed as analog signal or continuous time. Digital Signal Processing benefits: Linear phase Flexibility […]

Signal Processing Projects in Matlab

Projects on DIP       The process of converting the information (or) delivering to a person as the easiest way is the diagrammatic representation of pictures. The words of thousands compensated by pictures. A man can convey an information using the image, because a man can easily understood the visual with […]

Projects on DIP

Renewable  Energy Projects for students At distribution level when Renewable energy Source is integrated is known as Distributed generation, were load and inverter sensing equate load current harmonics. To compensate load current harmonics and unbalance load at various levels active power filter is used. The key element of DC system […]

Renewable Energy Projects for students

Matlab based communication projects To convey a signal from the transmitter to receiver communication channel is required. The daily information transmission is supported mostly by digital communication system such as telephone channels, satellite channels, microwave radio etc. Characterizing of gathered idea source and source encoding has a reasonable beginning in […]