The goal of power electrics is to regularize the power efficiency, minimal weight, minimal size and getting the need for user loads by changing the voltages and currents.Power conversion principles by the application of static switches and the technologies used for control the output parameters used for control the output parameters like power ,current , voltage, waveform and frequency. PN junction is not there in Schottky diodes. Replacing that they use metal to silicon barrier. The power devices are used to take up to certain KA of current under forward bias condition and in reverse bias condition stop up to several KV.


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 The type of power transistors are listed below:

  • Metal oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET).
  • Darlington Transistor (DT).
  • Junction Field Effective Transistor (JFT).
  • Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT).
  • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT).

 Power Semiconductor devise which are generally protected against

  • Voltage spike or over-voltage.
  • Over current.
  • Electro-Static discharger.
  • Over voltage at gate.
  • Excessive Temperature rise.
  • Gate under voltage.
  • di / dt.
  • dv / dt.


Power Electronics Matlab 

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 Power electronic circuits are classified into four categories by topology section box they are:

  • AC to AC.
  • DC to DC.
  • AC to DC.
  • DC to AC.

Single-phase or a Multi-phase supply is used as the input power supply or Half-wave rectifier which is simplest of all in uses. Latching must be avoided in IGBE and if the anode current touches the maximum allowable turn-off-able current representation, the GTO’s turn off drive should be disabled.

          A power electronic converter converts the given form to other which has a variable frequency or voltage magnitude. A pair of converter-grade thyristor are connected antiparallely is called traics is used are AC regulator for lighting, solid state AC relays and far control. SIMULINK is used in all power electronic circuits for implementing and modelling .Power Electronics Matlab projects are guided by our firm.

 The DC motors and thyristor bridges are replaced by asynchronous machine fed by pulse width modulation (PWM) voltage sourced converters. For the purpose of analyzing and designing the problems which requires lengthy sequence of MATLAB commands script files are used, with the help of power simulator, power electronic circuits are built and modeled. The result of PWM inverters can be obtained exactly and fastly with the help of Matlab function “ode23” by designing inverters as differential equations. The growth of Simulink models of drive assemblies is a comparatively easy job contains input output block description of different components designing the system.

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