Expansion of solid – state electronics from handling data and communication for effective business handling power from mill watts to Giga watts is Power Electronics. The power level is power semiconductor diode which becomes part of “low power signal diodes” where we are familiar with. To adjust ac rectifier circuit mainly on high power units to 100 MVA rectifier thyrisors are used, as it is less than 10 kHz   their frequency are not high.



Applications of PIN –Diodes:

  • Available at high voltage and current ratings.
  • Surge –voltage to with stand capability.
  • Excellent over current.

Power Energy absorbs little energy before breakdown so it is not required to with stand its capability. Rapid Growth and innovation is available in electronics

  • Industrial Drivers.
  • Energy Distribution generation and transmission.
  • Transport.
  • Consumer lighting and electronics.

The result of research, manufacturing activities and design over scientific and engineering disciplines

Power Electronics Systems Classifications of Power Rectifier:  

  • bipolar junction rectifier.
  • unipolar schottky rectifier.

             The diode reverse recovery switching loss is the overall loss for SI-based switching power converter.MOS controlled thyrisors is likely to be used in future for high and medium power applications as it has high frequency , high power low drop of conduction and rugged device for controlling algorithms for power electronic system Matlab /Simulink is a powerful tool that is used. To process a sequence command that is saved in files MATLAB is used. M-files are Matlab files with extension. A circuit fault can also be simulated by using MATLAB for designing and optimizing the process a research tool is used of technical process which is computer stimulation.

The initial conditions are zero for starting of a motor as is the simpler case encountered in simulation. Circuit theory filter design, control system, random process and communication theory applies MATLAB.

IEEE Power Electronics Projects based paper title is yearly updated. IEEE Power Electronics Projects are developed to B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech students

Electrical power component models 

  • Electric drives.
  • Three –phase machines and the components for applications as renewable energy systems and flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS).To calculate the automated of total harmonic distortion, key electrical power system analysis and load flow is termed as harmonic analysis.