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Single Chip Analog Beamformer for Medical Imaging

A single-chip 32-channel analog beamformer is proposed. It achieves a delay resolution of 4 ns and a maximum delay range of 768 ns. It has a focal-point based architecture, which consists of 7 sub-analog beamformers (sub-ABF). Each sub-ABF performs a RX focusing operation for a single focal point. Seven sub-ABFs perform a time-interleaving operation to achieve the maximum delay range of 768 ns. Phase interpolators are used in sub-ABFs to generate sampling clocks with the delay resolution of 4 ns from a low frequency system clock of 5 MHz. Each sub-ABF samples 32 echo signals at different times into sampling capacitors, which work as analog memory cells.

The sampled 32 echo signals of each sub-ABF are originated from one target focal point at one instance. They are summed at one instance in a sub-ABF to perform the RX focusing for the target focal point. The proposed ABF chip has been fabricated in a 0.13-$mu$ m CMOS process with an active area of 16 mm$^{2}$. The total power consumption is 287 mW. In measurement, the digital echo signals from a commercial ultrasoundmedical imaging machine were applied to the fabricated chip through commercial DAC chips. Due to the speed limitation of the DAC chips, the delay resolution was relaxed to 10 ns for the real-time measurement. A linear array transducer with no steering operation is used in this work.

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