Power Electronics Based Projects

In Modern Technology, power electronics plays a vital role under the energy power conversion and control .Nowadays, All the new electromagnetically and electrical appliances approximately encompass the circuit with power. Power Electronics Based projects provide a strong interrelation between the control and movement of the electrical energy. The manipulation are provided through the medium of magnetic, capacitors, control systems, electronic switches. For illustrative proposal, it can be recurrently effective to bisect the predominant area like electrical engineering as three main aspects of Department. They are control, electronics and power, power electronics is the main function of control, electronics and power, they mainly adopted to electronics for the transformation of electrical power in huge amount and to manage the system. Power electronics based projects adopted new technique to provide the lower weight, Display as smaller system, supplying of power energy with higher efficiency. It can be achieved by the circuit switching typologies. The.The new technique are ready and willing and able to attain at different frequencies satisfy the motor drive needs and 75% of electricity use in lighting.


Power Electronics Based Projects with static applications:

  1. Generation of power and Transmission (hvdc), heating ,power supply with DC, electro plating, uninterrupted power supply, electronic ballast, welding and cooling are examples of static application.
  2. Non-rotating (or) motion mechanical components are involved.

Power electronics with different applications:

  • Biomedical application.
  • FACTS application.
  • Utility application such as transmission and distribution contain HVDC.
  • Uninterruptible power supply(UPS).


  • Hybrid electric drive trains and Accessories.
  • Transportation applications automotive.
  • Rail.
  • Aerospace.
  • Distributed energy.
  • Residential.
  • Marine.
  • HVDC.
  • Electric machines and drives.
  • Commercial systems.
  • Lighting and displays.
  • High power electronic devices provide a main role for increasing grid consistency.
  • Storage of energy systems.
  • Power supply systems with switched mode.

Drives with sensor less:

  Based on operation of drive replacement of technique with sensor less

  • Abnormal operations (or) failure of Robustness with the sensor less techniques.
  • Robust operation of drive with the aspects like stability and dynamic as the issues of system performance.
  • Operation of drives combined with normal and abnormal in multiple sensor less techniques.

Power supply switching mode characteristics:

  • HEVS

  • Electric vehicles

  • ICE

Requirement of SMPS conditioners in Power Systems:

  • System with Dual-battery.
  1. Bi-Directional power supply with 48v-12v.
  2. Lithium-ion(li-ion) batteries as battery management.
  • Battery with 400v(for pure EV only).
  1. Traction motor(DC/AC).
  2. 400v-12v Bi-Directional power supply(DC/AC).
  • Regenerate braking(AC/DC).
  • On-board charger(AC/DC).

Saber model with MATLAB model:

            The process contains the below steps:

  • Design the controller using MATLAB.
  • Use the MATLAB code generator to generate a c programming language.
  • Program ids compiled using the C compiler within a dynamically linked library(DLL)file.
  • Saber template are Described which provide the interface through the DLL file to the controller.
  • Icon is designed for the controller in the saber and to generate a new technique inside the library model for the controller.