Matlab  projects  for  ECE

Matlab is the commercial software that is frequently used in research and industry.It is a 4th generation language.Matlab projects are being framed under pattern recognition of the domains medical imaging,signal processing and biomedical engineering. By the interaction of human and medical devices the projects are being carried and framed out for all biomedical engineering students.



 The most frequent offer on Matlab projects for ece students are pattern recognition and medical imaging based processes.With the help of matlab the pattern of cloth and medical pattern can be done in pattern recognition.Under abstract representation of a physical quality and not itself signal processing works out. By using matlab detection tasks are being carried out.

  • Continuous & Discrete one dimensional functions.
  • Fourior representations.
  • Linear operations.
  • Discrete fourier transform.
  • Finite fourier transform.

The above comes under the signal processing functions.In solving the problems of the signal we do use FIR and IIr filters.The below listed are the examples of pattern rewcognition

Speech recognition.

Facial feature recognition.

To denote the underwater sounds on a submarine.

Pre-processing,classification,model estimation and feature extraction are the sub-divitions of optical character Recognition. We can get the benefit of LMS algorithm based equalizer for channel statilisation.By using a symbol-by-symbol minimum distance detector we can find out the received equalized samples and decode the bits to compute the bit error rate(BER).

To carried out operation general numeric varities and plotting of the data MATLAB package is being used.The functions and the tasks of loading an image, segment and binarize, labeling the characters,loading and saving the features can be performed by using matlab.

The following are the characteristics of a good segmentation

  • In the same category the pixels must have equal greyscale of multivariate values and form a connected region.
  • The various sections of the opposite pixels must have unequal values.

The neighbouring pixels within one region must have similar value and it depends upon the assumption of  Region-based methods. MATLAB projects on Digital processing based are carried out by us for dip projects for final year ece students.

The analog signals in Digital processing comprises of  three stages:

  • Digital signal processor are framed by digitized samples.
  • Each sample is sub divided to a finite quality of bits by analog signal which is digitized and the task is known as A/D conversion.
  • With the use of analog reconstructor the output samples may be changed.