M Tech Projects in Power Electronics

Power electronics is the combination of three fundamental technical areas and inter disciplinary. Computer simulation can highly useful in the analysis, education of power electronics and design.

M.Tech projects in power electronics can be developed using matlab simulink tools. Several types of static switches are there in power electronics. The types are listed below.

  • Controlled switch.
  • Directional voltage capabilities of static switches.
  • Uncontrolled static switches.
  • Directional voltage capabilities of static switches.

Certain diodes of similar type can be connected in parallel to get high current capability. The mostly common material which is used to build semiconductor device is silicon.


Rectifiers and accessories are there in uncontrolled semiconductor devices are there in controlled semiconductor devices. Power diode uses much type of thyristors. The Type-1 thyristors has silicon controlled switch, silicon controlled rectifier, four layer diode Type 2 thyristor has triode AC switch (TRIAC) and diode AC switch (DIAC).

The two transistors force one another to conduct to saturate since they are joined in a regenerative feedback loop which can’t be stopped. The bipolar junction transistor for switching operations are listed below

Encountered only during transients.

High losses.

Switching-Aid network (SAN).

Other protection to main transistor.

There is smaller voltage drop in forward bias state in rectifier diode when compare to operating voltages and the reverse-bias state very small leakage. The rectification process can be applied in many applications lays upon the system and the rectification process is quite varied. There are various types of rectifying circuit are half-wave (M1) full-wave (M2, B2, M3, B6) rectifiers, single-phase (M1, M2, B2) and three-phase (M3,B6) rectifiers midpoint (M) and bridge (B) rectifiers.

The four most generally used three-phase machine library specifically the asynchronous machine. Variables defined and used within a function file are local to function and it is not accessible globally on the workspace.

M.Tech projects in power electronics are done with the functionalities mentioned above guided by our concern for all B.E students and the paper title is updated regularly from science direct journal.

The students can learn about the chopper and inverter circuit with the help of matlab technology. CAD package for regulated inverters can be simply developed since CAD tools are there in MATLAB environment the PSPICE simulated responses are also used for compassion purpose. MATLAB has a certain capability to design electrical networks and certain differential equation solver for electric networks.With the help of matlab simulink one can simulate and built a closed-loop voltage regulator using simple continuous-time integral compensator.

M.Tech projects in power electronics are supported by our firm.