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Introduction of MIMO OFDM Matlab Simulink Projects: OFDM Simulator is defined as the simulator which can merge the dissimilar signals at the same time using various frequencies. The operation of this simulator is parallel to a music system where multiple tones play in synchronization with the chord at the same period.

Significant Benefits in OFDM Simulator

Here, we have enlisted the major uses of the MIMO OFDM Simulator.

  • It is used for the recent wideband digital communications
  • It can develop the quality of long-distance communication by eradicating the inter symbol interference (ISI) and getting a better signal to noise ratio (SNR)
  • It has several benefits such as reduced inter symbol interference (ISI), capability to manage severe channel conditions, high data rate, and effective spectral usage

Key Modules in MIMO OFDM Simulator

Let us discuss the notable modules and the purpose of those modules in the MIMO OFDM Matlab Simulink Projects

  • Wideband OFDM (WOFDM)
    • It is commonly used for Wi-Fi communication systems
    • It develops the model of OFDM and distance measuring among the channels due to that all the frequency slips it is not involved in the communication channel performance
  • Vector OFDM (VOFDM)
    • It is the module improved by the CISCO system, that essentially uses the insights of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems
    • It supports for the process of transmission and receiving function of several signals is happened among multiple antennas using the model of multipath effect

Major Plugins in OFDM Simulator

Let us take a glance over the significant plugins in the OFDM simulator and the functions of such plugins

  • Wi-Fi 6 Access Points (APs)
    • It is used for the signal transmission and it provides support for OFDM as backward compatible and it is available in the recent versions of Wi-Fi

Topical Classes in OFDM Simulator

There are many classes in the system models. Hereby, we have listed down the significant classes in the MIMO OFDM Matlab Simulink Projects

  • CppSim Library: OFDM System Modules
    • It is used in the transmission of signals with n number of subcarriers and the symbol used for each subcarrier

Notable Tools Integration in OFDM Simulator

We have a well-experienced research team for your research assistance and we provide a detailed description of the tools for your ease we have highlighted some tools below

  • Java 8 (OpenJDK)
  • In the Java platform, OpenJDK is one of the open-source execution
  • Java 8 (Oracle Java)

Essential Software Requirements in OFDM Simulation

For your reference, we have listed down the important programming languages used in the OFDM simulator

  • Programming Languages in OFDM Simulator
    • C – Version 11
    • C++ – Version 11
    • C++ – Version 14

The notable operating system in the OFDM simulator is are listed below

  • Supportive OS in OFDM Simulator
    • Minimum: Any Intel or AMD x86-64 processor
    • Minimum: 4 GB
    • Windows 10 (version 1803 or higher)
    • Minimum: 3.4 GB of HDD space for MATLAB only, 5-8 GB for a typical installation

The versions in the OFDM simulator are useful for the research scholars to update their knowledge. The versions are

  • Recent Version in OFDM Simulator
    • R2019b (MATLAB 9.7)
    • R2020a (MATLAB 9.8)

Notable Protocols in OFDM Simulator

Our research experts are well versed in all the protocols and we provide support for your research protocols. Here, we have listed the significant protocols in the OFDM simulator

  • WUSB
    • Processing standard of WSUB protocol opt 802.15.3
    • This is mainly used for the wireless digital systems along with OFDM methodology to enhance the transmission rate
  • Wireless Protocol
    • In general, protocols are mainly used in wireless OFDM systems to improve channel capacity as it has the propensity to make the most of the consumption of the allocated frequency range

Important Subjects in MIMO OFDM Matlab Simulink Projects

Hereby, we have listed down the recent subjects in the OFDM simulator

  • OFDM – CDMA (Multi-user communication)
  • OFDM based Relay System
  • Wireless Multimedia Communication OFDM
  • OFDM Receiver Design and Simulation

Considerable Parameters in OFDM Simulators

For the evaluation process in the research project, parameter plays a significant role. Thus, the research team have provided the OFDM parameters for 802.11a timing-related parameters for example

  • FFT / IFFT Period
  • Short and Long Training Period
  • Size of FFT Samples
  • Preambles and Signal Symbol Time
  • Guard Interval and Data Interval Time
  • Total / Data / Pilot Subcarriers

Vital Subject Areas in OFDM Simulator

Generally, research scholars have to know more information about every module of the MIMO OFDM simulator. Thus, we provide complete support for research scholars to gather more knowledge and implement the process of the modules in OFDM simulation in matlab. For example, we have highlighted the data subcarriers and unused subcarriers

  • Unused Subcarriers
    • Unfounded subcarriers are adjacent to the interference from closest channels and subchannels
    • The enduring unused subcarriers are mostly used as guard carriers
  • Data Subcarriers
    • Subcarriers use the comparable modulation and coding schemes (MCSs) as 802.11ac and two novel MCSs through the accumulation of 1024-QAM

Modulation Syntax in OFDM Simulator

For your ease, our research experts have listed down the significant syntaxes used in the OFDM simulator

  • MPSK / MQAM Based Modulation
  • Addition of Cyclic Prefix
  • Deletion of Cyclic Prefix
  • OFDM Symbol
  • AWGN Noise
  • Received Symbol
  • Frequency Domain Equalization 
  • Demodulation MPSK / MQAM

Primary Applications in OFDM Simulator

In the OFDM simulator, there are several applications but we have listed only a few for your reference and the development of the project

  • 4G/5G Mobile Communications
  • Wireless Networks
  • Wideband Digital Communication
  • Power Line Networks
  • DSL Internet Access

Major Algorithms Used for OFDM Simulator

Our research experts in OFDM simulator are well versed in all the algorithms for your ease we have highlighted three algorithms below

  • Gradual Resource Allocation Algorithm (GRAA)
    • Through minor computational complexity, it endeavors at addressing the system energy efficiency
  • Radix 4/2 Algorithm
    • It is efficient as to measure up to Radix 2 and it reduces the unwanted multiplications and has double the processing speed multiplications compared to the radix-2/sup 3/ FFT algorithm
  • Vertical Handover Decision Algorithm
    • It is based on various network parameters and handovers are made

Essential Areas in OFDM Simulator

We have listed down the most novel research areas and the implementation process in the MIMO OFDM Simulator for the research scholars to get a quick grasp of the research subject

  • OFDM is implemented in the Wi-Fi arena, which includes the standards such as 802.11a, 802.11n, 802.11ac, etc
  • Underwater wireless sensor
  • It is selected for the cellular telecommunications standard LTE / LTE-A
  • For additional information, it is adopted by the various standard for example
  • Wireless Communication
  • WiMAX

Notable Metrics in OFDM Simulator

In general, we have listed down the significant metrics in the OFDM simulator of the evaluation process

  • SNR
  • Symbol Error Rate Bits 
  • Error Probability
  • BER

Significant Process Used in OFDM Simulator

The following is the overall process of the OFDM simulator

  • Primarily, it obtained the n number of samples at the output of the IFFT in a single OFDM symbol
  • Then, the cyclic prefix is added to every OFDM symbol, and that permits for computation of spherical convolution over the linear convolution
  • Subsequently, it makes sure that the data is only sampled on the other hand when the signal is constant and there is the refusal of novel delayed signals that modify the timing and segment of the signal

Key Steps in OFDM Simulator

We have listed down some steps which are useful for the process of the MIMO OFDM Matlab Simulink Projects

  • Modulated by data and then re multiplexed to generate the OFDM carrier
  • The typical modulation scheme of the subcarriers in sample modulation frequencies,
  • QAM with either coherent or noncoherent demodulation
  • Differential PSK
  • PSK
  • The signal split into independent channels by its own

Comparative Study of OFDM Simulator Techniques

The following is about the significant QOS parameters in the OFDM simulator

  • QOS Parameters in OFDM Simulator
    • Channel Occupancy Rate
    • Vertical Handover (VHO)
    • Collision Rate

 Hereby, we have enlisted the notable characteristics of QOE in the OFDM Simulator

  • Essential QOE in OFDM Simulator
    • Guaranteeing User Perceived
    • Power Consumption

Routing Process in OFDM Simulator

We have a well-experienced research team and they have listed the topmost routing process for the OFDM simulator

  • Cross-Layer Routing Protocol with MAC Protocol
  • Mainly used in wireless systems for efficient resource utilization and implements a new methodology to reduce the level of interference with the support of OFDM / TDD

Trending MIMO OFDM Matlab Simulink Projects Topics

For your ease, we have listed down some projects with the implementation process and their description

  • OFDM Implémentation QPSK Modulation Channel Estimation
    • The OFDM Signal generation and decoding using 64-QAM as the modulation technique. This type of OFDM is particularly useful for WiMAX and other Wireless and Multimedia Standards
  • OFDM Transmission System
    • For this work, we apply to the various OFDM modulation such as 16QAM, 64 QAM, 256 QAM
  • Automatic OFDM modulation System
    • Here we modulate the input signals. And then perform the equalization and convergence, Its equivalent sampled signals and quantized signals

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