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UWSN (Underwater Wireless Sensor Network) is a technology for deploying and connecting multiple sensors at various altitudes of undersea environments. In this, the number of underwater sensors is determined by certain conditions such as node network performance, communication coverage, sea capacity, etc.

Once the sensors are deployed then the sensors sense the underwater environment and capture the necessary information. Next, transfer the sensed data to the nearer surface station/sink. After that, the surface station forwards the received data to the closer terrestrial network through RF or Acoustic Waves. This transmission follows appropriate communication protocols. To sum up, it is useful to continuously monitor the underwater resources, organisms’ life, disasters, etc.

This page relies on current developments of underwater wireless sensor networks using MATLAB!!!

Now, we can see the current growing technologies of UWSNs. Due to the increased benefits, UWSN has acquired high popularity in both academic and industrial areas. In order to create unbeatable unique research work, our research team is well-equipped with essential technical skills on UWSNs in both research and development aspects. So, we are always in touch with the growing technologies of UWSNs. And, some of them are given as follows:

Emerging Technologies of UWSNs

  • Fundamental Technologies
    • Scalable Frequency Bands
    • Efficient Spectrum Sharing and Full Duplex
    • Advance Channel Coding and Characterization
    • Compressed Sensing based on Sparse Theories
    • New Digital Signal Processing Techniques
    • Artificial Intelligence applied Wireless Networks
    • Extremely Abundant Antenna analysis in THZ Communication
  • Ongoing Technologies
    • Wireless Tactile Networking
    • 5G enabled Space-Air-Ground-Sea (SAGS) Cohesive Communication (Underwater, Underground and Space)
  • Spectrum based Technologies
    • OWC-Visible Light Communication
    • TeraHertz Communication

In the above section, we have discussed the UWSNs definition, working process, importance, and emerging technologies with research ideas. Now, we can see the suitable tool to develop your handpicked research ideas. Though there are several tools and technologies that exist for networking, MATLAB  is one of the best tools to execute UWSN’s real-time applications. Below, we have mentioned the list of reasons to choose Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Matlab for your information.

Why Matlab is the best choice for Underwater Sensor Network?

  • MATLAB stands for MATrix LABoratory
  • Software to work with simple and complex mathematical problems
  • Support matrices, algebraic functions, numerical integration, integral and differential equations
  • Sophisticated graphical tool to work with 2D and 3D multimedia
  • Comprised with several toolboxes to handle optimization, signal / image processing, etc.
  • Enable to store continuous-time signals with series of samples in vector array
  • For BER evaluation, need to compute the value of samples. In addition, need to compute the time breaks among consecutive samples
  • Similarly, in communication the sample value signifies the continuous-time signal amplitude for particular instant of time

The intense of Matlab in Underwater Wireless Sensor Network is to provide the best platform for scholars/developers to develop desired research solutions for challenges in networking and communication like security, coverage hole detection, localization, routing, and etc.

For instance:In optical underwater communication, the channel model will consider certain things while designing such as the impact of refractive index, channel loss, geometry, water surface reflection, NLoS connection links, etc. By using MATLAB, we can design and virtualize this channel model appropriately and forecast the power allocation. Further, MATLAB provides the following benefits,

  • Efficient Feature extraction using learning techniques
  • Code to install embedded systems
  • Integrated design of hardware / software / firmware
  • Advance signal flow design and processing

In fact, our development team is sophisticated with industrious persons, who are passionate to tackle all sorts of problematic research concepts in UWSNs. We assist you not only in MATLAB but also in other MATLAB-enabled tools. We assure you that we support you to the fullest until to reach the desired research output. Here, we have listed some key functions that are commonly used in UWSNs projects.

Matlab Functions for Underwater Sensor Networks

  • setParameters
  • CreateRandomSen
  • resetSensors
  • ConfigureSensors
  • findSender
  • disToSink
  • LEACH (mfile)
  • findReceiver
  • SendReceivePackets
  • SelectCH
  • JoinToNearestCH
  • ploter

In addition to the MATLAB functions, we have also included the significant simulation parameters used for the Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Matlab simulation. Since these parameters are essential to evaluate the performance of the simulated model. Further, we can also adjust the following parameters in the design phase for enhanced performance. If there is a requirement, we also add extra parameters for the best simulation results.

Simulation Parameters for UWSN using Matlab

  • Configuration of Underwater Channel
    • Weather Condition
    • Threshold
    • Operation Depth
    • Diffuse Co-efficient
    • Water Type and Refractive Index
    • Dependence Factor
    • Communication Coverage
  • Configuration of Transmitter
    • Wavelength
    • Source Type
    • Modulation Type and Order
    • Viewing Angle
    • Photonics Number
    • Optical Power
    • Data Rate
  • Configuration of Network
    • Weight Threshold
    • Environment Size and Depth
    • Water Refractive Index
    • Deviation Angle of Laser
    • Diameter of Aperture
    • LED Semi-angle (half power)
    • Sensing Range and Link Range
    • Number of Nodes, Network Instances and Transferred photons
  • Configuration of Receiver
    • Dark Current
    • Transmittance
    • Aperture
    • Quantum Efficiency
    • Load Resistor
    • Receiver Type
    • Gain and View Field

Next, we can see a list of real-world hardware which can be designed and modelled for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Matlab. In this, we have included the specification of hardware for modeling such as data rate, light source, link range, modulation, mode, and electric/optical power.

Real-Time Hardware Supported in Matlab

  • Ambalux
    • Bit Rate – 10 Mbps
    • Light Source / Photodetector – LED/APD
    • Connection Range – 40m
    • Modulation –
    • Mode – simplex
    • Power – 36 W (electric)
  • FPGA
    • Bit Rate – 1Mbps, 50 Mbps and 25 Mbps
    • Light Source / Photodetector – LED/APN, LED/APD, LED/PMT and LD/PIN
    • Connection Range – 25m, 14.5 m 10m, 3.6m and 3m
    • Modulation – NRZ-OOK, OOK, PSK/QAM, 16-QAM and 2FSK
    • Mode – Duplex and Simplex
    • Power – 60 mW, 250 mW, 10.07 W and 17 mW (electric)
  • Instrument
    • Bit Rate – 2.7 Gbps
    • Light Source / Photodetector – LD/APD
    • Connection Range – 1m and 34.5m
    • Modulation – 8-PSK and NRZ-OOK
    • Mode – Simplex
    • Power – 19.4 mW
  • AquaOptical I
    • Bit Rate – 1.2 Mbps
    • Light Source / Photodetector – LED/APD
    • Connection Range – 30m
    • Modulation – DPIM
    • Mode – Simplex
    • Power – 500 mW
  • Circuit
    • Bit Rate – 235Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1 Mbps
    • Light Source / Photodetector – LED/APD and LED/LD/PD
    • Connection Range – 11.5 m, 3.6m and 1.6m
    • Modulation – 2FSK and GMSK
    • Mode – Duplex
    • Power – 38.4 mW and 13.2 mW

For better understanding, here we have given how the UWSN model is simulated in MATLAB. In general, MATLAB is sophisticated with a massive number of libraries, functions, scripts, toolboxes, etc. For instructing the simulation procedure, programming is more important. In the case of complexity, our developers are adept to analyze the issues and develop own algorithm/protocol to solve those issues. To develop effective simulation, we categories the scripts and functions into the following classifications,

How to perform simulation using Matlab?

  • Initialization ()
    • Single objective script to initiate the network properties and define constants
      • Network properties – message queue, node position
      • Constants – radio range(during the course of the network same range)
  • Modification ()
    • Act either helper function or scripts to alter storage structure
    • As a function, it temporally creates the matrices partial-copies
    • For instance: messages queues utilize add2buffer function to produce modified queue and pointers
  • Run-Time Execution ()
    • Execute the helpers of simulation and algorithm
    • Generate message compute how to construct routes and react for uncertainties
    • For instance: Sim Run script (routing purpose)
  • Overall System Processes
    • Sensed Data Collection
    • Feature Extraction
    • Model Simulation
    • Prediction of Results

In addition, our developers have itemized some commonly utilized toolboxes that support MATLAB for establishing communication over the underwater environment. Beyond these toolboxes, there are many toolboxes that are designed for specific requirements of UWSNs.

Matlab Toolboxes for Underwater Wireless Communication

  • MATLAB Compiler
  • Simulink Control Design
  • Signal Processing Toolbox
  • Statics and Machine Learning Toolbox
  • DSP System Toolbox
  • Simulink Design Optimization
  • Wavelet Toolbox


Next, we can see the research ideas for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Matlab Simulation. To fulfill the needs of every individual system, it is necessary to be updated in all advanced trends and arrivals of new underwater technologies. This knowledge of up-to-date information helps us to create more advanced content for your UWSN research. So, our research ideas are always unique in comparison to others. Here, we have given you some novel research notions which are handpicked from our recent collections.

Latest Research Ideas on Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

  • AUV based Vehicular Ad-hoc Network
  • Advanced Design of Acoustic Channel
  • Network Routing and Structure Variation Control
  • Design and Simulation of Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
  • Underwater data sensing and analysis
  • Modeling of Traffic control protocols for UASNs
  • Design and Assessment of MAC protocol in UASNs
  • Secure Data Transmission in Distributed Underwater Environs
  • Constructing System Architecture of UASNs
  • Development of Trustable Protocols for Underwater Data Distribution
  • Efficient Localization Techniques for Underwater Sensors
  • Next Generation Developments of Underwater Acoustic Communication
    • Enhanced Reliability of Underwater Communication
    • Advance Demodulation and Modulation Approaches
    • Various Multiple access and Signal Conversion Techniques
    • Application Areas of UWSNs – UUV, AUV, UIoT, and many more
    • New Communication Technologies (short- range / long-range)
    • Efficient Communication Interference Detection and Control Systems
  • Time-specific data delivery techniques for Acoustic Communication

As mentioned earlier, we also support MATLAB-enabled tools for UWSN Simulation. For example, the MAcoSim simulator works on the basis of the MATLAB simulation tool. It is specifically designed for the development of underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs).

MAcoSim: Matlab-based Acoustic Underwater Simulator

On special characteristic of MAcoSim is that it can function with both MATLAB Command-line interface and Graphical user interface. Furthermore, it also includes the following characteristics:

  • Fundamentals of DES
  • Command-line Input / Output
  • Layers (PHY, MAC and Network)
  • Trace and Output file Generation
  • Centralized Parameter Manager
  • Modules (Topology, Mobility and Localization)

Overall, we promise you to provide reliable research service and expert guidance on developing Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Matlab Tool Projects. Further, if you are in need, then we also give you manuscript writing and paper publication support. So, hold your hands with us to create the best UWSNs project in your research profession.

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